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Thread: Vp40

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    Default Vp40

    This pistol just continues to impress me. Iím guessing I have 2-300 rounds through it now. Have been messing with getting the right sized panels and back strap. I have it where I want it now. I am not a great pistol
    shot by any stretch of the imagination but this pistol makes it easier. Great trigger and feel. Iím one of the still in the .40 cal camp. A great round imo. I have a friend that exclusively hunts deer with semi auto handguns. His favorite round? 40. I own and like 9mm but I honestly think this vp40 does not recoil any worse than any 9mm pistols I own or have shot, plus a bigger bullet going downrange. Loving this pistol but as many other folks, wished HK would make more offerings. Would love a vp40sk. I brought my vp40 home and after about 5 mins and my wife checking it out, I was told to go get another one. So I did. Hers a black one with night sights. Mine od green with standard non night sights, which I like. My eyesight is fading and I can see the non night factory sights better than the night sights. At night I put a weapons light on it when itís on the nightstand. Shot it today again to ensure I like the panel/backstrap combination. I had a partial box and a full box not in the safe so I think it was 65 rounds. 12-15 yards. Not as fast as I could pull the trigger but fairly quick. My wife shoots the vp40 way better than other brand 9mm pistols we own. She Shot it better from the first shot than other pistols. Anyone that likes a 40 and wants a soft shooting, great shooting pistol needs to take a long look at a vp40. Pic is from today

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    Congrats and enjoy!
    It's my humble opinion that the VP40 is the best 40 on the market.
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    It's certainly one of my best in terms of achieving a natural index to compliment it's superb intrinsic accuracy. One of the easiest .40s to shoot at speed, due to the combination of the ergos, heavy slide, and flatwire RSA.

    Best, Jon

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    Thanks for the report--- nice placement!!!

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