Got a Mark 23... again.
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Thread: Got a Mark 23... again.

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    Default Got a Mark 23... again.

    I had a Mark 23 for a few years, and I really liked it. About 2 years ago I talked myself into thinking that I didn't really need the Mark 23, so I sold it. Since then I've got into suppressors a bit, and have been looking for a good 9mm suppressor. Although I'm not that interested in suppressing 45acp, My research has led me to feel that I'd be better off with a 45 can that can do both, rather than strictly a 9mm can. So I purchased a 45 can and it is currently "in jail" while I wait for the stamp.

    Late last week I was chatting with my favorite local gun store owner/friend, and the topic of suppressors came up. I mentioned that I didn't have a suppressor ready 45acp pistol anymore. He told me that he's found a classic car that he'd like to purchase now, and he'd make me great deal on his personal HK Mark 23 which he bought new 3-4 months ago and took it to the range once. The price was very generous (cheaper than I sold my previous Mark 23 for), and I committed to buying it. He gave me a few days to gather the funds, and I picked it up yesterday morning. It is like new, and he threw in a large Pelican pistol case as well.

    So now I have a Mark 23 in the house again, but my wait for that 45 can will be tougher!

    Got a Mark 23... again.-my-23.jpg

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    Outstanding! Congrats on your MK23, it's gorgeous! =)

    Give us a range report when you can!

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    Congratulations on the re-acquisition!!!


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    Well done.
    I think you will like shooting the Mk23 with a can, but I caution you to ration ammo to visitors when you let them shoot it
    Else you will never have ammo enough around to shoot it yourself. And when you want to, you will be haunted by the memories of your visitor's joyful giggles and of tiny cat food cans clacking from impact 25 or 50 yards away.
    It's odd how even an older child can do this with a pistol that's "WAY too big for even a large man's hand" and "Impractical for anything but being tacticool".
    But they sure do it here every time.
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    It's the best suppressed pistol in the world - Once you try it with the can, you won't want to let it go this time! :)
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    I too, have a suppressor in jail right now; has been in jail since early December, 2018. I can not wait to try it on my Mark 23 or USP 45 tactical. I guess the Mark 23 performs even better when suppressed. It is funny, after you handle and shoot the Mark 23, it really is not that large of pistol, and feels like it is an extension of your hand. I enjoy shooting it without a suppressor, so will give a range report probably around December, as I was told jail time presently is about one year.

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    Congrats! I've had a total of four. Once we got NFA stuff in Michigan, I managed to hang onto the last one I purchased.
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    I'm glad you were able to acquire a mark 23 again...congrats! I'm love this pistol so much that I have 12 and they are all unfired with sought after date codes on all of them.
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    Nice congrats!!! My all time primary. I got two of them since i love it so much.

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    Welcome back into the MARK 23 club. It is a wonderful suppressor host. Which suppressor did you get?
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