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Thread: SA/DA or LEM P30L

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    Default SA/DA or LEM P30L

    I'm ordering a P30L from my dealer. I also have a HK Expert 9mm SA/DA and an HK 45 SA/DA V1. I am struggling to decide whether I should order the LEM version of the P30L or the SA/DA version. All of the ranges I've checked out only have the SA/DA version of the 45. I've read alot of forum posts on this subject and I don't know what to do. My dealer does get the P30L's in every once in a while and he already has the LEM version and the SA/DA on order in different versions. So should I just play it safe and order the SA/DA or take a chance and order the LEM.

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    I would buy it if you like the LEM (Im a fan). However you can always convert the V3 assuming you can find the cocking piece in stock. The V1 cannot be converted to V3 is my understanding, so take that into consideration especially if your on the fence or you ever sell your handguns. Alot of people don't care for it.

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    I love Light LEM Triggers and have many. That being said its an acquired taste. If your on the fence you may want to wait and try one at a range before you buy

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    Get the LEM. In 9mm.
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    Can someone explain the LEM trigger to me?

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    I like LEM with my P30SK for CCW but prefer DA/SA for everything else and my P30L and HK45 are DA/SA.

    It is all personal preference and I don't recommend anyone purchase LEM until they have tried it out them self via live fire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roshi View Post
    Can someone explain the LEM trigger to me?
    NOT an easy task! If you find yourself in New Orleans, let me know, you can try mine.
    DA/SA shooters will likely appreciate the LEM more, than someone who's a big SF guy. We have 2 LEM guns, with another on the way. We were Sig TDA shooters, so it was not a big deal. The most important consideration on buying an LEM gun, is to simply understand WHY it was built the way it was, and NOT compare it to a SF or SA trigger system. It has traits of both SF & DA guns, but is neither; it's a very unique design unto itself, and once you understand the rationale behind it's design, you'll see that it's a brilliant trigger system for a CCW / LE gun.
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    If the P30L is a 9mm, get the light LEM. The LEM is different than the DA/SA guns you have now, and chances are you'll like it. If you don't like the LEM, you can always sell or trade it for a DA/SA trigger (note: I don't think you can convert a LEM to a DA/SA trigger). If the P30L is a .40SW with LEM, selling or trading will be more difficult.

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    V3 if want DA/SA (or if need a safety P30LS), otherwise my favorite is LEM
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    Have both flavors in P30SK's.
    Like the lite LEM much better.
    What is it?
    Loading a round in the chamber pre-cocks the trigger, as does cycling the slide thru firing.
    The pre-cocked trigger is almpst like a very lite 2 stage trigger on a match rifle: There's a lite weight initial pill till you reach the "ledge" and then with a little more effort, it trips the sear and fires....recycling another round and pre-cocking the trigger.
    There's no thumb safety or de-cocker.

    That's what you get on the SKs model, along with itls horrible/heavy/long DA trigger.
    In SA, it's OK if you wanna carry a "cocked and locked" pistol 1911 style.
    I don't and got the Lite LEM, which imho, is a much better product in the hands of experienced shooters who understand it's functioning

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