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Thread: P30 for Concealed Carry

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    For me personally the P30 is too tall for CCW IWB. I prefer a Glock 19 size pistol and I CCW my Glock 19 often. My P30SK with the 13 round magazine is the same height as my Glock 19 and is sweet to CCW for me.

    Here is a picture that shows the difference in height between the P30SK with the 13 round magazine and the P30,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superstar View Post
    It will depend on your body size and clothing. It's doable, a good belt (big foot belt) and holster (alien gear) + patterned shirts [avoid solid colors, specially white] can carry without grabbing attention.
    >good holster
    >Alien Gear

    I'm 5'8", ~145 lb. I CCW a P30LS with a +5 extension, Zev Pro Comp, Surefire X400UH-GN, RMR, and HKParts EDC Magwell, while wearing skinny jeans and size small t-shirts, and have driven 12 hours straight in such a get up without issue. A plain Jane P30 is trivial for a normal sized male if you're willing to play with your mode of dress, holsters, belts, and comfort level.
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    I really like my alien gear holster for my glock 19 but they don't make one yet for the P30. It's called the shapeshift holster system and they actually have one for the VP9 fisrt. As for carrying a P30, I carried a G19 for 7 years and did all sorts of wizardry to stay comfortable and concealed. My findings are it's just easier and more comfortable with smaller guns.

    I have been carrying a P30sk since 12.18 and couldn't be happier. The 13 rounders seem to be the perfect size. With the Garrett Industries Silent Thunder STX 2.0 you get a good "high and tight" OWB carry for it that a shirt can conceal. For my duty holster I use a Silent thunder regular OWB. I carry with 15 rounders for work because I open carry there.
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    For other holster options, I would take a look at Vedder Holsters out of Florida or Cook's Holsters out of Georgia. I have holsters from both companies, and you can't go wrong with either one.

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    Did some Texas traveling this past weekend and carried my P30SK with my WTP IWB holster. Carrying the holster on my back right side. I currently only have the 10-rnd mags with extension. No issues carrying, although I am used to carrying a lighter and smaller gun as my EDC and/or off duty carry.

    I do get concerned carrying and typically try to wear a button up shirt that helps with concealment and reduces printing.

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    I don’t get concerned carrying/printing anymore. Just get the right gear and shirt you’ll be good to go. Also helps I’m in a Constitutional Carry state!!! Right now I’ve got on a Kore nylon dedicated gun belt. Lenwood Custom Spector AIWB holster and my trusty HK VP9SK with flush mag and 13rd spare mag in my pocket (with Sticky pocket holster for mags). For me, perfect set up. I think this rig will carry almost if not identical to the P30/P30sk you are speaking of. Yes. The P30 is larger I know.

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    Iv'e been carrying a P30 IWB for years. I can use shorts and a tshirt and have a slim athletic build, not a big guy at all. I just use a good belt like an Aries Gear and a good holster like Black Arch. I was concerned with printing early on, but when my wife said she couldn't tell, then I stopped worrying about it. I found you are more self conscious about printing then anyone else noticing anything at all by a long shot.

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    P30 for Concealed Carry... sorta kinda it depends (on your waistline?).
    I carry more my P2000/USP9c than my P30. But I CCW even more my P30SK/13rd, the ‘sweet spot’ as alluded.
    P30 fall/winter, P2000/USP9c springs/summer, P30SK deep conceal. You’re not talking just one HK, are you?
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    I have had absolutely no issues with carrying a P30L in both a IWB and OWB holster; my holsters of choice are Olen kydex. They also make excellent magazine pouches, and will customize as needed/desired.

    Best, Jon

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    All day every day, P30V1 in a Dale Fricke AA2 tuckable. Polos and button downs are no problem even during business meetings, I’ve never been made. I am 5’10” and 200. Belt is critical.

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