P30 for Concealed Carry
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Thread: P30 for Concealed Carry

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    Default P30 for Concealed Carry

    Hey guys,
    As the Title says, how is the P30 for CPL. I have read all I can, but would like to ask all that have the P30 if they do carry it and their thoughts. Thanks

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    I carried one, LEM, for 6 years. Full sized grip makes it a little big but it is a totally capable CCW.
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    It will depend on your body size and clothing. It's doable, a good belt (big foot belt) and holster (alien gear) + patterned shirts [avoid solid colors, specially white] can carry without grabbing attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drp2hrd View Post
    Hey guys,
    As the Title says, how is the P30 for CPL. I have read all I can, but would like to ask all that have the P30 if they do carry it and their thoughts. Thanks
    I have the P30L, which is only slightly longer than the P30.. 4.45" barrel vs 3.85, and it carries OTW and ITW with no problems... it's a slimmer handgun than my HK45 and I believe my Sig MK25 and P320 9mms. Of course if you put one of the many John Wick comp/match weights on it, then it probably will be relegated to OTW unless you are a big guy.

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    P30 is essentially a G19 ish sized and a great ccw piece. I've concealed the P30L as well. I would only consider the LEM Variant though. The P30SK would be another great contestant.
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    I AIWB either a VP9 or P30L LITE LEM everyday for 5 years. Been looking for the perfect combo for many years and finally found it. Good holster & belt is the key. Ares Aegis + JM Custom Kydex 2.5 split loops, is fantastic set-up. Been through many combos and this combo is perfect. The wedge and the claw rotates grip and grip disappears, and no hot spots when sitting down.

    Just picked up a P30 V1 LITE LEM and ordering the same holster on Monday for the P30.

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    I carry a USPc AIWB roughly same size no problem. So I would say there is no reason not to carry. OWB (winter clothes) I will even carry my L. The grip is really the only big difference. I found with appendix and a larger piece I prefer a minimal holster as I find it more comfortable. Tier1 Aspis is my favorite.

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    I carried a P30 v3, for about 4 years (and 85k rds) in a JRC CDAII AIWB. Went to a P30 v1 for about a year (8k rds), then a P2000 for about 2 years (9k rds), then a USP9c v7 for 2 1/2 years (14k rds). Looks like I'm switching back to a P30 v1 for reasons.
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    I have carried my p30, but I find the p30sk with 13 rnd to be the ticket. It's just a bit "rounded" so it carries better for me
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    I carry my P30LS in a "Clinger V3 Ultra Conceal" OWB holster. It hugs the hip real good.

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