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Thread: Confusion

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    Default Confusion

    I have 9 berettas. I carry daily my PX4 .40, yesterday I was at the gun pushers, I saw a like new used USP 40c. I picked it up. played with it and just was mesmerized by it. should I or should I not buy this gun? what are the good and bad points to it? I am looking for reliabilty issues here.

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    I think the standard answer will be:

    buy it.

    And look for buyers for all of your Berettas. You will need the money to fund your new H&K addiction, which will kick in in no time. Urging you to buy more and more USPs.
    Then other polymer pistols.
    Then P7 s.
    And then, sometime, you will eye the NFA item from Oberndorf

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    You’ll want a .357 barrel and have a dual caliber gun.
    .40 aside, stocking up on .357 ammo.
    Start looking to add another HK.
    It’s a USP, uh what’s a reliability issue?

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    You gotta have at least one USP. But you should probably have a dozen.
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    Congrats on your first USP! What took ya so long lol

    Yeah you're gonna have to sell the Berrettas to fund more HK's, yeah they are that good!

    Welcome Home! =)

    My 24 yr old USP 45 has been spectacular and stone cold reliable.
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    Get a USP in .45 ACP!!!


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    As a Beretta/HK guy, don't sell the Berettas, but welcome to "the other girl!"

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    The USP line is one of the best pistols HK makes.
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    To me, HK P30 is next.
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    The good- usps are fantastic pistols, warhorse tanks that will outlive most of us. Get it!
    The bad- yes hks are very addictive! Especially if you set your eyes on a p2000 or p2000 sk. The ugly- don't let ur significant other get hold of it, you may lose a gun.
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