G36 Bolthead Questions-Please help
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Thread: G36 Bolthead Questions-Please help

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    Default G36 Bolthead Questions-Please help

    Hi Everyone,

    I have some problems with my G36. I think the bolt is too tight but I dont know why.
    Maybe there is something wrong with the Bolthead or with the Barrel. I cleaned it all but the Problem occurs very often.
    Can anybody measure out the length of a bolthead-lug of a G36/SL8? I searched nearly the whole Internet but didn`t
    find any informations.
    Please give me the length of a lug and the Overall length of the bolthead.

    Thank You.

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    Is the G36 bolt head a factory HK double stack bolt head (as opposed to a US made version, or converted SL8 single stack to doublestack bolt) Is your barrel German? If your G36 receiver really a G36 receiver, SL8 conversion, or US clone? I don't have calipers to measure my German bolts, but I'm sure there are some here who do.

    What type of issues/malfunctions are you experiencing?
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    And if US receiver, is it gen1 or gen2?
    If gen1 , are you using the specific cam pin that allows the bolt to engage the trunion properly?
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