HK P30L damaged slide?
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Thread: HK P30L damaged slide?

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    Default HK P30L damaged slide?


    First post so apologies if I fudge up on anything, please let me know!

    Anyway, I purchased a brand new p30l on the 1st of july, took it home and disassembled it and cleaned it. Upon reassembly I noticed some marks on the slide, two on the front and one on the rear.

    I emailed HK cs about the chip in the rear of the slide and this was their response;


    After getting with our repair dept it appears that is a tooling mark and will not hinder function of the firearm. However, if you would like to send the pistol in for further inspection please call the number below to speak with a tech.

    Thank you"

    I didnt ask about the marks on the front of the slide (forgot when I was writing the email, which I did a few days later after pondering if it was worth it).

    So my question is, are these blemishes anything to worry about? Normal? Tooling marks? Should I send the slide in?

    I understand HK gave an acceptable answer, I'm simply trying to reach out and see if anyone else has had similar experiences and to see what they did. My OCD is ridiculous when it comes to my firearms, so it's the little things that drive me up the wall.


    I also noticed that the slide is a bit of a pain to take off, I push the slide release lever/axial out until it pops and shows the red indicator. After which I ease the slide back to its resting position, but when I try to pull it off it's as if I never popped the axial out. But if I use the inertia of the slide springing back and pull it off with one clean motion it comes off a bit easier.

    Am I just a soyboy and need to put some more oomph behind it or is something off? The rear frame rails do have little plastic burrs on them, perhaps this is the cause?

    Any information is appreciated!

    Here's a link to the photos

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    If it was damaged, you should have inspected better at pickup, I go over my purchases w a fine tooth comb before I accept and sign.

    If it is tooling marks,don’t worry, if it’s scratches, get some “blueing” do some touch ups and shoot her.

    Ow that it’s home, and you’ve signed for her, not much u can do.

    If you want to spend the coin to send to HK and have them tell you pis* up a rope, that’s on you, if it’s not massive dents in the slide, or no internal damage, go with it, blue it, and shoot her like you have the last 300 rds on the planet.

    Looking forward to pics.........

    Wouldn’t worry too much, I was handling my USP tactical a while back, and dropped her on concrete, left a nice mark on the slide, I swiped on a single stroke of “blueing”
    And I’m fine now.

    If you think it’s too far gone, bring the gun back and return it if possible, and get another.

    If u can live with the scratches, or what is wrong, clean well, wipe down, “blue” her on the scratches and march forward.

    Enjoy, P30L is an amazing sidearm!
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    Those are nothing.... shoot it and enjoy.

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    By your own admission, within your own post is the answers you seek.
    Enjoy your new HK.

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    My guess Bad Guy would have a lot more to worry about facing those dents on the muzzle.
    HK are fine weapons, but they still production grade.
    Shoot it!

    Then shoot it again.

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