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Thread: Did HK ever...

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    Default Did HK ever...

    Produce the USP tactical in .40 SW? And have they every produced a barrel in .357 Sig for the USP series?

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    Yes, they did:



    No factory .357Sig barrel for the full size USP, you can go aftermarket as in RCM, EFK etc. however, there is a reason there are no factory barrels and threads here discussing it.
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    Heya ActiveStatic.
    I know that the USP compacts can be converted to 357 sig without issues (if the barrel is good, of course). But the full size has some issues. As mentioned there's a the thread about it here somewhere. I may have to look that up too, I don't remember it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Activestatic79 View Post
    Produce the USP tactical in .40 SW? And have they every produced a barrel in .357 Sig for the USP series?

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    They stopped making the USP 40 tactical a couple of years ago. You can find them on GunBroker for a good price periodically.

    My understanding on full size USP and .357 Sig was the rounds had an issue loading into the chamber properly out of the magazine. The all metal magazine for the compacts and P2K series did not have this issue.

    You can find low cost USP 40 compacts on GunBroker as well.
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    Yes they did and I see them pop up on gunbroker armsofamerica alot seems I see alot of 40cal pistols up for sale mostly Police trade ins.

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    I preffer cal 9mm

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