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Thread: VP9 auto forward

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    My USP and HK45C do this more often than not upon magazine insertion, especially if you do a hard insertion. Not really a "feature" but as many have said, inertia.
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    Thanks! I have had handguns that auto release slide on mag insertion. Now I realize I must train to always use the slide release or better yet sling shot the slide.

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    I can't find it, but hk has been noted as saying that the vp nine has this ability built in. The don't list it as a "feature" but...
    Also as best as I can tell,
    It's not just the force you use, but also the angle of Insertion. I say that cant say for certain, because I havent been able to master it reliably.
    So I'd recommend trying the angles you pop the mags at, check the edges of ur mags where the would contact the upper mechanicals, and the ummmm... Sorry long night at work and brain freezing up... Check for any bending of the part the mag hits when you insert it slide rearward
    Edit- also, if you are practicing, while slingshotting can be thmost intuitive, and easiest, it's not recommended as A) you can inadvertently "ride" the slide during high stress. And B) for combat training I recommend training one handed manipulation as much as possible.
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    Don't count on physics, train on the firearms manual of arms so you don't get surprised when operating your firearm.

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    The empty mag follower flips/raises the slide lever/catch and locks the slide open, the recoil spring acts against the catch and jams the slide back. The mag top round lowers the follower so it clears the catch, thumbing the slide lever or pull/slingshot the slide back releases the catch, slide closes to battery.
    It’s a simple mechanical design and 99.8 of autos apply this principle. There is no (reliable) mag insert technique, just physics.

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