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Thread: usp45t or mk23?

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    Odd man out here, but although I love my Mark 23, I really did not like my USP full-size... the only HK I've ever sold...

    Skip the USP... get a Mark 23.
    HK VP9, P2000SK 9mm, P2000 9mm, 45c, USP 45 SS (sold), P30L, Mark 23 & PCS 9
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    I had thought good and hard on this subject being a Former Marine I saw these in use at Ft Bragg cross training with Special Forces they had them in the 1990s and again training with a Seal platoon in Okinowa Japan. I can remember that the Army was found of the gun but the Navy SEALs nick named it the "Club" they thought it to HEAVY to bulky but it worked in all environments and it beat the **** out of my MEUSOC 45 that was cobbled by other 1911A1 pistols for me it's a personal choice SHTF, combat training hell even my night stand yes MK23 all the way I will be using as a carry gun in my pack as well . That's just me and my belief I dont care how big or the size because I trust my life on this weapon so go big or get out !
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    My favorite .45ACP to shoot is my Mark 23. By far. It is incredibly accurate and the trigger is awesome. My second favorite is my HK45CT. If not planning any CCL I would go with the Mark 23. That being said, I have never shot a USP45T. The Mark 23 is legendary.

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    Get the Mark23. So many more uses for it other than shooting. (club, hammer, etc)

    usp45t or mk23?-20190717_113546.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan *HK* View Post
    I vote both, but this here is the gospel. :)
    Yes both guns are excellent but do have their lows and highs, like i would prefer usp45t as a carry gun. the mk23 doesn't strike me a as CW.

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    A question, why is the mark23 much more expensive than the usp45? is this due to being made in much more limited production numbers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by d5k_deutsche View Post
    A question, why is the mark23 much more expensive than the usp45? is this due to being made in much more limited production numbers?
    The mk23 is noticeably a lot bigger. Plus has extra pieces that the usp series doesn't have. I have 2 Mark 23’s and use to have a usp 45 tactical. After shooting the mk23 next to the usp 45 i kept going back to the mk23 since i noticed the recoil and accuracy was so much better then the usp. So i sold the tactical and made the mk23 my primary. I shoot every weekend between 300-500 rounds 230fmj and i noticed that with the usp my forearms would get really inflamed, after going to the mk23 that rarely happens unless i train in any exercise that involves grip strength.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d5k_deutsche View Post
    A question, why is the mark23 much more expensive than the usp45? is this due to being made in much more limited production numbers?
    Without a live suppressed side by side comparison it's hard to explain. When field stripped they are obviously not the same gun though one can see the relation. It is when they are fired one after the other and especially suppressed that the experience diverges. I'm going to have to say the Mark feels more refined. That's likely inaccurate vocabulary but I'm not breaking out the thesaurus to use a word with which I am unfamiliar. We'll go with refined. They both get the job done very, very well though. I have huge respect for them both and anyone who bothers to get one.

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    Haven't shot either. But as someone just a year into HK addiction and with big HK collecting dreams, the MK23 or Mark 23 is the end goal, the big deal, the ultimate dream... not because it's so practical but because literally everything about it (design, history, etc) is so badass.... If/when I get one I will shoot it only occasionally, to keep it not only functional (it will obviously function through the end of days) but to to keep it pristine, as a collectible. The USP45T I'd beat the s#!t out of, if so inclined.

    For practical purposes you're describing I'd personally go USP.
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    I went with Mk23. The USP Tactical was unavailable from the factory at the time I was seeking one, and the Mk23 wasn't terribly more expensive. I found a used, unfired Mk23 on GB with several accessories and several extra mags for hundreds below MSRP or the military/police discount price offered at CMC Government Supply.

    Many scoff at the design of the Mk23. Designed by committee, and way too big, and the controls are too complex, are common complaints. If you ask me, the controls are perfect, the committee did a great job, and it's a pistol that is roughly the size (but thinner) than most any 4" revolver you lay it next to and a far sight shorter than a 6" revolver. Those revolvers were wildly popular not so very long ago, and none in the combat calibers were more accurate than a Mk23 and held less than half the ammo.

    Accessories for the Mk23 are expensive if available at all, and many are hard to find.
    But the pistol is a great one.
    Mine came with an X5L green laser, and I can easily shoot golfballs at 25 yards while aiming with the laser or the sights.

    If I were looking for a 9mm, I'd get a USPT. In 45, the Mk23 is the winner.
    My opinion's as worthy as one from any other doddering old grampa you have never met or heard of.

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