usp45t or mk23?
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Thread: usp45t or mk23?

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    Default usp45t or mk23?

    i know this discussion comes up a lot, but i only want to settle on one of these as i have enough guns already. Id primarily be using it as a shooter / 2 gun / shtf sidearm in a drop leg. No CCW in mind for either whatsoever.

    is the mk23 practical for these or would i be better off with the usp45T?

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    Heya D5k!
    OK this is only opinion. In mind, the mk is a superior weapon.
    But, it's also bigger. If it's an extended shtf, or a total bug out, less is more. Less weight to carry, an more common mags.
    Tho tbh if we're talking total bug out, or complete dig in, my vote is always for common, and plentiful.
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    Get both. Then sell some of the fluff in your collection. That will remedy the “I have enough guns already” issue.
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    I don't own any of them but I do come up with the same dilemma, which to get.
    If it's for this is the Alamo type of situation, get the MK23, when you ran out of ammo you can use it as a hammer.
    If you're carrying along with other stuff, I believe the USP 45T will be better even if it's only a pound and a few ounces difference, in the long run that extra pound will make a difference.

    Can't go wrong picking any of them or both. 🙂

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    The Mark 23 is not a practical handgun. If you want it first and foremost to be practical, get the USP - it's a very, very good .45, and is concealable and reasonable in size/weight.

    But it's not the MK23, which is the greatest handgun ever made in .45. The MK23 is huge. It's not heavy for its size, but it will likely be a little slower to draw than most other guns. It shoots like a dream - it's the only .45 my petite wife will gladly shoot. I absolutely love it every time I take it shooting - whereas the USP just feels like a practical, tough polymer pistol at the range, not really in the same category. You don't buy the MK23 because it's practical, you buy it because it's the most reliable/durable/accurate/torture-tested/bomb-proof handgun ever made, and to me you can feel that in every shot. This is a Ferrari vs. Corvette type of argument - two impressive things with generally different purposes.

    For a SHTF gun, I personally would go with the MK23, and the USP45 for a CCW. But you'd have to find out whether you're a MK23 guy or not.......definitely, definitely try both - even if it means buying both to do it. You could always sell one later if you want and barely lose any money. (Think of it as a rental fee, ha)
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    Have to agree with Keith1202086 and TLOU Joel. Get both, but buy the USP45T first (because it is practical) and the Mk23 second (because it's everything else the 45T is not).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent04 View Post
    Have to agree with Keith1202086 and TLOU Joel. Get both, but buy the USP45T first (because it is practical) and the Mk23 second (because it's everything else the 45T is not).
    ^^^^ This! Let us know what you buy first, and show us pictures with a range report! =)

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    Within your parameters, the Mark 23--- but the USP45FSt could fit this role, as well!!!


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    Practical is a Honda Civic. Fantastic is the Bat Mobile.
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    If you're only going to get one, I would go for the MK23 (I did). If you have the MK23, you won't really miss the USP 45T. But if you get only the USP 45T, you will always wonder if you should have gotten the MK23.
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