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... niche civilian applications are overlooked, such as concealable weapons, specific calibers, and other features that aren’t necessarily needed in the military world.
Another hint is while they did the P2K-SK in FBI/LE 40, they didn’t bother (so far) in the VP9/P30-SK.
This, and add to the fact that while they won't confirm, nor deny, csr reps that I've spoken to about..40.in either of those has essentially said "I wouldn't count on it".
I'm not a 45 shooter myself. (even WITH hearing protection the report feels like somebody stabbed an ice pick into my ear, which makes me flinch) but I wouldn't mind seeing it become an option for those that would enjoy/shoot it.
If we could get 30,000 of us together, officially label ourselves a government, or military, and wait a couple of years while they develop it, we might be able to request production of some 😞