USP to P30SK or P200SK
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Thread: USP to P30SK or P200SK

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    Default USP to P30SK or P200SK

    So, for the past 20'ish years, I have conceal carried a full size USP 9mm. Yes, I must've been nutso.. But, it didn't bother me, until recently.. I just cant deal with the weight, or the size anymore, and want to scale down.

    In between some years I carried a Glock 19, as well Glock 26... Both of which are obviously much smaller, and lighter, than the USP.

    I'd really like to stay within the HK family while moving down in size. I have read about too many problems with the VP9SK, so I don't even want to consider it. Besides, I prefer a hammer fired over striker.

    My questions are as follows.

    1. Are there any common problems, gripes, etc, like there are with the VP9SK and its battery issues? (Yes I know, shoot hot 124g etc etc, not good enough imo)
    2. I know neither are of the weight of a Glock 19 or 26, but would there be a substantial difference as opposed to the full size USP I've been carrying? (Yes I know its subjective)

    I really like the size and weight of the 19, better the 26, but like said... I don't much want to go back to Glocks, I am happy with HK.

    Unfortunately, I've not been able to find a LGS that has either. They did have a VP9SK, and I did handle it, felt good. But I will likely have to buy one of these two sight unseen and have it shipped.

    In general, any advice, words of wisdom, etc. in regards to one of these two as a replacement daily concealed carry.
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    If you really like the size and weight of the G19 then get the P2000 or USPC. That's the pistol that you can compare in both size and weight. P30 and VP9 are going to be slightly bigger. If you decide to get the SK then slap an extended mag, you might as well carry the P2000.

    All of this is subjective experience to one's physical size, as you know trying it will filter any doubt you might have. Good luck.
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    Difficult choice and will always come down to personal preference. My numero uno/ride or die is the USPc .357 Sig. Daily. Love that thing and would go USPc or P2000 for a first choice but you ask about the P30SK/P2000SK....So; I own, and have carried the P30SK, P2000SK and VP9SK just for fun. VP9SK is a great gun but is just not for me. I like hammers. If HK made the P30SK in .357 Sig, my caliber of choice, I would give it a hard look. They don’t, so that’s out but it is an excellent handgun; I won’t get rid of it and with the factory 13 round mag I understand why people say it hits a sweet spot in the hand, but I’d carry it with the flat 10 round and use the 13 as a spare. Being able to switch side panels is a nice feature as well. Some don’t like the size of the slide lock levers and switch them out to the short versions, I find the originals just fine, no issue. However, the P2000SK is my unsung hero and IMHO one of the most overlooked/underrated guns available for CCW in the subcompact HK category. I find that it simply disappears when carrying, more so than any of the others, can’t explain it, it just does. For the hot summer days in the desert I find it second to none. I do notice the difference between the P30SK/VP9SK and P2000SK when carrying. It also feels great in my hand and I don’t need the option of a side panel swap. The short grip of the SK’s is understandably not for all, but I have no issue with it and have come to find it’s enjoyable to shoot and it now just “feels” right to me. As Superstar alluded to, some will add the extensions be it X-Grip etc. or now factory for the P30SK/VP9SK and I get it but I’d look at the P2000/P30/USPc if a bit longer grip is desired. In short, it goes USPc, P2000SK, P30SK for me; but I really only rotate between the USPc and P2000SK. I’d choose the P2000SK over the P30SK but am probably in the minority. YMMV, and to each their own. There is probably more aftermarket support for the P30SK because the P2000SK is overlooked if that matters. I don’t think you can go wrong, you could always buy them all like I did and figure it out. Good luck in the endeavor and carry on.
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    I read this and other forums frequently and have never heard of any issue with the VP9SK. However since you prefer hammer fired the P2000 or P30SK would most likely fill the bill for you. Of course the P2000 uses a 13 round magazine while the P30SK can use 10 or 13 round and both can also use 15 round magazine. HK manufactures 13 round magazine for the P30SK. For the P2000SK you would need to get a 13 round magazine and then aftermarket X-Grip extender.
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    USPFS to USPc!!!
    My USP45FS has never bothered me.


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    Thanks for the replies thus far guys!

    So, I never really considered the USPc, although I obviously like the platform, per specs it weighs the same as the USP, but is slightly smaller dimensions. I suppose loaded weight would be a bit less, since less capacity, but I am looking to drop a lot of the weight.

    grumpy, there are plenty of threads, even here on hkpro, about the VP9SK having problems with recoil spring, battery, and needing to use heavier grain (124g, not 115g) / hotter ammo to ensure it properly operates. I'd say its a pretty well documented issue. Even came across several video reviews that note the same problem. That said, I don't wanna turn this thread into a VP9SK bashing thread, ultimately I prefer hammer fired anyway as mentioned, so doesn't so much matter.

    I think the biggest issue in making a determination in as far as specs go, it's hard to know what these small weight differences actually feel like on the belt. I really wish my LGS carried them. My only other point of reference, as mentioned, were the glocks. And both of those felt substantially lighter and I enjoyed carrying more, but both of those, even the 19, is listed as weighing less than any of the SK models.

    The specs for the reference and options list as follow:

    USP --- 27.20 oz (Unloaded)
    USPc --- 27.20 oz (Unloaded)
    P2000sk --- 24 oz (Unloaded)
    P30SK --- 23.99 oz (Unloaded)
    Glock 26 --- 19.40 oz (Unloaded) 25.75 oz (Loaded)
    Glock 19 --- 21.16 oz (Unloaded) 30.16 oz (Loaded)

    If those are accurate, as pulled from their respective web sites, the Glocks are substantially lighter. Ammo will add ~4 oz for 10 rds, ~6.5 oz for 15 (for my particular carry). That said, either of the SK I am looking at, would clock in right about 2 oz lighter than the 19 I am familiar with, and know I would be okay with.

    I guess my more important question is about the reliability, does one have a better track record than the other? I am so used to my USPs, which I've had for decades, and their performing flawlessly. The VP9SK thing really thru me for a loop, shattering my image of HK being flawless in general. The weight/size thing, I will only get subjective answers on, of course... But even on that some idea of if it is a little or a lot different than a full size HK, is helpful.

    Like said, I did get to handle the VP9SK at my LGS.. It was a bit weighty, but the size was manageable I think, and the feel in the hand... I'd say bordered on divine.

    I appreciate everyone's input. Again, thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AGG View Post
    USPFS to USPc!!!
    My USP45FS has never bothered me.


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    Like many on the forum, i've got the USPsc, the P30sk, and the P2000sk. all with decocker, and the USPsc has safety. i prefer the decocker/safety lever on the USPsc. downside is it is 3-4 0z heavier and just a little larger. there's very little difference between the P30sk and the P2000sk. i carry the P2000sk.....just personal preference. i wish it had the same safety/decocker as the USPsc, but it doesn't. i wish the P2000sk had front doesn't. you will not go wrong with any of will probably end up with at least 2 of the 3, maybe all 3. in my humble opinion these are the ultimate carry weapons [if your platform is hammer fired].

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    I would go to the USP Compact. I have very large hands, so the SK's don't work well for me, USP Compacts strike a very good balance.

    This one has had a few 'enhancements' done to it.

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    As you alluded, mass/wt are relative to the user, 4oz difference (much more 2oz) would be indiscernible to me. But size/mass would, as it dictates your carry method/gear (and of course, handling).
    G19 size-wise, I have USP9c/P2000 in rotation, and P30SK for ultra-concealment = one size doesn’t fit all, but relative to the task at hand.
    HK caters to the Mil/LE environment, so there is no practical performance difference to civilians.

    What is the reference to 115gr, to lighten the mag load?
    I use one size 124gr +P HST, what’s good for the SC is good for the compact (USP9c/P2000/P30).

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