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Thread: If you could have H&K make any handgun, what would it be?

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    VP9L Expert in 9mm
    Hk10. 10mm

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    More barrel options.
    9mm barrel for the USP 40.
    10mm barrel for the USP 45.
    9x23 Winchester for the USP
    22TCM for the USP
    Threaded barrels for Expert slides
    Option to actually buy slides, especially Expert.

    UCP or FN5.7 variation
    MP7 or variation

    From existing possibilities...
    Stainless USP Expert on Gray frame (a matching set 45 and 9 would be great)

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    A nickel P7M13 lang with a factory ported slide and barrel, flared magwell , and 16 round mags.

    I'd also like a Taupe USP .40 Elite.
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    G11 with tailhook

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    Colored mark23s and USSOCOM marked.

    and mark23 phase 1 LAMs

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    Ok I’ll bite....

    MP5 with a paddle mag release and 3-lug barrel (10mm AND 9mm)


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    The perfect HK’s for me would be the models they currently produce that they would actually ship a large supply of new product to the states for civilians to be able to purchase. Just saying.

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    All stainless P7

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    I'm a little late to the party but here are my thoughts. One thing I would like to see would be an Elite or Expert USP with the rear decocker button rather than safety OR a P2000 with a longer barrel/slide and match trigger.

    But most importantly HK make OPTICS READY Pistols!!! Preferably the P30 and P2000 models but a VP9L with a solid Optics Ready option would be nice too.

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    VP10 or VP10L

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