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    Default RE: Mark 23 Collector Question...

    Hey Guys

    I'm not a Mark 23, or MARK 23 expert. So looking for advice/input here.

    RIA is auctioning off a Mark 23 and has the following in the description.

    "Heckler & Koch Mark 23 Semi-Automatic Pistol with Inert Dummy Suppressor

    Manufactured in 1996 with standard markings and features other than the threaded barrel. Includes a solid reproduction inert dummy suppressor that cannot be on the gun when fired. Collector's mark "JF/365" in white on trigger guard.

    Class: Modern Handgun

    Excellent overall, retaining 99% original dark blue finish with limited handling evidence. Mechanically excellent. The dummy suppressor is also excellent."

    My question is regarding the "Collector's mark "JF/365" in white on trigger guard.""

    What exactly is the significance of this??

    Thank you in advance.
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    Good question, probably just the original owners initials - no significance would be my guess and maybe a detriment if I'm right.

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    Could it be from the greyroom? Saw a video from forgotten weapons about the mk23 ohws. One of them had a dummy suppressor that is labeled dummy remove before firing. Maybe its from a batch that was used for demo pieces?

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    Depending on price, and the given description, I say grab it. The 96 Mark 23 is rarer, @AGG should have details

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    If the markings on the trigger guard were made by a previous owner (I'm not aware of HK placing any markings like that), that would take away collector value (unless the previous owner was someone really famous and you had proof). Does the ad show the serial number? Is the slide marked "MARK 23" or "Mark 23"? "Mark 23" was on the slides for the first few months of production, since then they are all "MARK 23", so the one's with "Mark 23" are more valuable for collectors.
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    Collector's mark probably means the owner's initials and some number significant to the owner!!!
    If the mark was of importance, RIA would have provenance.

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