New USPc 9mm windage issue
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Thread: New USPc 9mm windage issue

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    Default New USPc 9mm windage issue

    Just bought a USP compact in 9mm for my wife. Took it out to our range and discovered its shooting left. Like 3” at 7 yards. Sights are perfectly centered. I even used a solid shooting rest and had the same result. My USPc in 40(about 15k rounds through it) is dead on so I don’t think it’s my trigger control.

    I used my sight pusher to adjust the rear sight until the windage was correct but the rear sight was ridiculously off center. Certainly looks really strange when acquiring a sight picture.

    Have any of you had an issue similar to this? Just wondering if I should send it in to HK, but I’m afraid they will replace the barrel or something and I’ll end up with mis-matched serial numbers. Never had an issue with an HK so not sure what to expect. I appreciate your input.

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    I own and shoot a USP9c, and have not experienced your alignment problem at all. Ditto for my USP40c. Check how you're gripping your gun (pressure between shooting and supporting hands, contact area of your palms and fingers, etc.)

    At your next range trip, have the range officer or another shooter fire your USP9c, and see if the same results occur. If the same results happen, send your gun to HK for an inspection, and explain to them what you did. Your gun is warranty, so you're covered.

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    No range officers at my range, because it’s my own personal range. But I’ll have one of my shooting buddies come out and shoot the gun, just to make sure. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks!

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    Might possibly be an eye dominance issue. Tho I wouldn't doubt a grip or trigger pull problem as was mentioned before.
    Also change up your ammo to different brands and see what the pistol likes best.

    Good luck 🙂
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    I was having the same results with my P30SK. I started putting more rearward pull on my non trigger hand grip, and the tendency disappeared. I'm no expert, but after trying different things this did it for me.

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    Purchased new, or used? If the sights are centered, check to make sure the rear notch cut is centered. I have seen several (not HK) that are not.

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    How about have your wife try it since you bought it for her, might not be an issue for her.
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    Try different ammo, may be the USP Compact just doesn't care for your load.
    Excellent choice for her, taught many women how to shoot, all on a USP Compact 9mm, the HK45C mag release on this one helps them alot with their smaller fingers.

    If both sights are centered, the USP Compact 9mm should put rounds where it's pointed providing you are using the cover sight picture (image 3) when shooting a good quality factory ammo.

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