Cleaning oil off of polymer frame HK USP: HOW TO?
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Thread: Cleaning oil off of polymer frame HK USP: HOW TO?

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    Default Cleaning oil off of polymer frame HK USP: HOW TO?

    Afternoon folks, I apologize if this topic has already been covered, I am new to this forum.

    Recently, after years of carrying a P30, I became very interesed in a USP. I picked up a used USP(9) at a LGS. The price was right, the gun is in great shape, there is only one problem - it appears the previous owner stored this beauty in a bucket of Mobil 1. Quite literally the firearm was covered in some form of synthetic motor oil.
    I have cleaned a majority of the oil off of the gun, but, how can i clean the entirety of the oil off of the polymer frame without damaging it? What can i use to clean the frame to its original state? I am not a fan of a slippery grip nor do i look to have motor oil seeping into my skin when carrying. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

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    Welcome to the site, and congratulations on a nice acquisition and setup--- for the polymer frame, I would just use Dawn Ultra (yes, the dishwashing liquid)!!!

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    Full detail strip and a good wipe?

    Sounds dirty

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    Interesting suggestion. i have an extremely oily pistol I'll try this on

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    There have been numerous discussions about the issue of solvents on the polymer question.
    I link one below.
    But aggressive solvents aren't something I would go with, even though the material is said to be resistant.
    I would start with AGG's suggestion.

    One link:
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    Dawn is good.
    Simple Green and Castol Super Clean are also excellent choices.

    I wouldn't detail strip though. Unless you are familiar with the USP internals you could make a mess of it. Just field strip and wash in hot water and soap, follow with good rinse and compressed air. Be sure to reoil properly.

    FWIW, I've used Gun Scrubber, CRC Electronics parts Cleaner, and CRC Brake Cleaner on my HK frames for years with no ill affects. It'll wash off all oils and give the plastic a white chalky appearance, nothing a lightly oiled rag won't cure. I'm careful to NOT get the solvent on any painted tic marks where the safety is.

    As an aside, I do nearly all of my cleaning with Ballistol, no bore cleaners or solvents. Maybe a little Hoppes in the bore if I've shot a few hundred rounds.
    Ballistol won't attack plastic or paint and will also cure the chalky white. And I like the smell.
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    I just use a damp wash cloth after I'm done cleaning up after the range. If yours has some build up in checkering etc., a soft toothbrush followed by damp cloth should get it clean, be gentle, no need to apply alot of pressure on the brush.

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    Just keep wiping till its off, on my Glocks I use brake cleaner followed by a light pass with a clp moistened cloth..
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    +1 on Bollistol won’t ’t hurt polymer. But a thorough wipe down with a rag is probably all you need.

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    A rag sprayed with some 409 household cleaner worked well for me. Mine was just light oily residue though.

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