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    Default HK Expert

    I am looking forward to purchasing my first HK the Expert model. I’ve owned numerous Glocks, Sigs, M&P’s over the years however never had a HK. I currently have a couple of Sig SSE’s, a Dan Wesson Valor and a SW Shield for carry. I’ll primarily use the Expert for range and HD. I’ve read nothing but positive reports on the Expert pistol.

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    I'd love one too. There are very tough to come by. Well, they are for me as I won't buy from an e-tailer and I rarely find them in my LGS. They had one once and I passed on it. I wish I didn't, but I had just bought a CZ 75 TS.

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    I have a 9mm Expert and it is great shooter. Very accurate and the match trigger that comes with the experts and elites is outstanding. If I did not have an elite in 45, I would try to pick up an Expert in .45. Check out gun broker, as there usually are a couple available.

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    Welcome to the site--- an accurate and quality sidearm!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hasbeen View Post
    I won't buy from an e-tailer...
    Any particular reason?
    WTB: HK94 (IG preferably)
    WTB: SP89 (IK only)

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    You will not be disappointed.

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    I have a 9mm Expert and really enjoy it. I bought a Match Weight for it to add some weight out front. The trigger is as good as it gets from HK and the barrel is hand fitted to the slide.
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    I have one in 9mm, and I recently picked up one in .45. The Expert is very accurate and easy to shoot. The more I handle a USP, the more I like the grip.

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    I had a 45 Expert and sold it for a small profit. Then bought a Tactical and never fired it before selling it too.

    Two years later and I bought a new 45 Expert, and just bought a complete Tactical slide for it, so now I have both!, or either!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dobe View Post
    The more I handle a USP, the more I like the grip.
    The USP grip is a rather underrated one nowadays. But it is one of the better ones to this day.

    As for OP's question.
    The USP Expert is a great pistol. One of the better DA/SA triggers out there. But there are two downsides
    1) Holster options. Safariland's Universal GLS ones work. They make a 6000 series (They don't for the Elite. Ordered one, they sent me a USPC then I spent 20 minutes with their CS figuring out why they list it and have it ordable when they are adamant they do not after a 6 month wait). Andrew's leather does and a couple others. As a whole, your options tend to be rather limited.
    2) Iron Sight options I don't like the front sight post that came with it, but your options tend to be rather limited. Dawson's front works great. But your only option for the rear are H&Ks or Mepros
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