USP45 - Grip options/opinions
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Thread: USP45 - Grip options/opinions

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    Default USP45 - Grip options/opinions

    Just purchased myself a brand new USP in .45acp. I've always wanted one and managed to get some rounds down range yesterday. My only issue with the pistol is the rear back strap does a good job at mutilating my hand. This took away from my focus and caused me to shoot not as good as I expected. With that being said, I need some opinions from some fellow USP owners that have taken the path of adding aftermarket grips. Any input is appreciated and if you can give a good explanation behind your choice of grip that would be great. Right now I have been looking into Hogue and Talon grips. Only issue I can see with the Hogue grip is making the grip too big for my hands.. but then again I don't know how much bigger the grip becomes. So this where some opinions will help me out. Thanks in advance..

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    One thing to look at is the sharp edges at the backstrap section. I used my fingernail to run up and down the edges to take the sharpness off and that made a big difference. Before that, it was actually cutting in to my skin.

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    I absolutely love my USP 45 and it is my favorite pistol... that being said, if the grip doesn't work for you I would highly recommend trying Talon grips.

    Talon grips are really the only thing that you're going to have that won't make the grip larger, particularly when the group is already too big for a lot of people.

    if the grip itself isn't the problem and it's just the back edges you could always try and tone it down with some light sandpaper.

    Those are just a couple ideas and I am sure others will chime in with more. Worst case scenario if you can't make it work for you, consider trying an HK45 as the grip is way better than the USP.
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    I do custom permanent grip mods where I can give your grip a permanent SiC inlay. Similar to what I did for team shooter Derek Giddings
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    If you go the sanding option, I don't recommend using a dremel. If the speed is too high it will generate heat and could make your grips look like they'd melted
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    I like Decal Grip sand on full size USPs and Talon Grips rubber on USP Compacts. The difference is based on how much my hand can wrap around the grip.

    Decal Grip rubber is not grippy enough to my liking, and Talon Grips granulate has too much sparkling material in it.

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    How many rounds have you put through it? It it's only one range trip, I would just shoot it more before worrying about it. The grip on a brand new USP is a lot more aggressive than other guns and takes some getting used to. As you shoot it you do start getting used to it.

    If you aren't comfortable with it after 500-1000 rds, then I'd look to modify. First by sanding the edge/border around the checkering. That edge can come quite sharp on new guns as others have mentioned and feel like it is really biting into your hand.
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    Hockey tape.
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    Wrap it in 3M Deck Tape
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    Thumbs up

    Here is one man’s opinion, but an informed opinion nonetheless, given from the standpoint of someone who has used the HK USP exclusively since renting one in December of 1993.
    And of the available USP’s, the full size USP45 is my favorite as well, with the full size USP9/40 an extremely close second.

    I believe the HK USP is arguably the finest handgun ever designed for military and law-enforcement use, but has (again, my opinion only for my personal needs) some of the absolute worst hand ergonomics of any polymer pistol. The design specifications by Dr. Helmut Weldle were made under the presupposition that most people using this pistol would be professional operators wearing gloves, and while the checkering may work very well for that purpose, I find it to be dramatically uncomfortable.

    The slip-on Hogue/Pachmayr grip sleeves will work, but come at the expense of added bulk, and decreased trigger reach.

    If you dislike the factory grip ergonomics, and you really want to get the most performance out of an HK USP, you are really going to need to invest in a professional grip retexturing which eliminates the cheese-grater panels on the front and backstraps. Talon Grips, Decal Grips, Hockey Tape, Agrips, all of these will offer some noticeable improvement, but not as dramatically as a professional grip retexturing.

    I messed with every combination possible of removable aftermarket grip enhancements from 1993-2015, and then I got a retexturing from Fowler Industries (on this board called Enhanced Precision Products) in what is called the Carry texture (20 LPI), which is their lowest abrasion least aggressive option. If you wanted to arm a 75-year-old grandmother with arthritis with a USP45 loaded with 45 ACP +P ammunition, this is the texturing you would want on her weapon.

    I fully understand that grip retexturing is a huge gamble, because you won’t know what it is like until you get the pistol back, and the modification is permanent, i.e., the weapon typically cannot be retextured if you don’t like what you have. But for me, the Fowler Industries Carry texture was arguably the biggest breakthrough I ever came across with the HK USP. If you decide to get this texturing, tell Logan Fowler that “Jonathan L.” sent you. Detailed review and photos here.

    Other recommended options that would serve you very well are the Granite Light texture from 610 Precision, or the offerings from Robar.

    You are always going to get what you are willing to pay for. There is no comparison in performance regarding accuracy, recoil control (especially with +P ammunition), draw speed, and overall comfort with $15.00 Talon Grips, Decal Grips, Hockey Tape, Agrips, or Hogue/Pachmayr slip-on grips versus a $150.00 - $200.00 professional retexturing which is performed to the customer’s exact specifications.
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