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Thread: P30 vs P30SK

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    Im 5'8 175LBS the P30 was hard to conceal in summer I when to a P2000sk no problem now
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    Quote Originally Posted by ozzy14559 View Post
    P30sk v1 in a vedder light tuck holster for me right now. Very comfortable.

    I love my P30SK, but it's not exactly a slim or svelte handgun. It's about as large as I would want to carry; I wouldn't want to carry my P30.

    Now, as to how they are similar, they are quite so. There is one notable difference, though: my pinky just barely fits on the flush baseplate on the P30SK, and there's plenty of grip on the P30 (oh, and the stippling on the P30 is a little more subtle and comfortable to me than the SK, for some reason). Other than that, I really don't notice much of a difference when I am actually shooting them.

    You may end up with both. I did.

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    Have a P30L V1 and P30SK V1. Both excellent pistols. Don't own a P30 V1 yet but I have shot and handle one quite a bit. Great, great pistol. Easily concealable Compact pistol with a favorable footprint in the LEM variant. P30 SK is nothing to sneeze at either, especially with magazine options. Win, win. Obviously the SK will be more concealable with trade offs. I like mine very much, but honestly don't carry it unless I had a need for a smaller pistol, I carry the most competent platform that I can conceal comfortably. For me that is a Compact sized pistol. In my case the P30 would get the nod. But this will be specific to the end user on method of carry, dress, body type etc. I'd get both as I strongly feel they would give you use throughout different seasons, dress and occasions.
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    I have a P30L and a P30SK. I say get a P30SK because it is more versatile. Sometimes that little bit of grip length makes a difference on concealability. Plus you can get 13 or 15 round mags for the SK. I have 15 round mags and carry it with one of those when my clothing permits it. Usually in the winter.
    The SK still has good range, so it's not like you're sacrificing much in that department. When I got the P30SK I shot it the same as my CZ P07 which was my main gun for a couple years.

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    I carry IWB my VP9sk and P2000sk, carry OWB on hip my P30 and VP9. So depends on weather season and inner or outer carry for me. the VP's and P30 are very similar in holster size.

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    My p30sk going to do some work in the trigger next.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barth View Post
    OMG yes.
    P30 (LEM 40 S&W) I shoot wonderfully, but it is a little large to conceal.
    P30SK (LEM 9mm) is dreamy.

    BTW, for some reason I can't explain, I actually prefer the P2000 series.
    And carry a P2000SK regularly (357 Sig)

    Also the P2000 (LEM 357) is noticeably smaller and easier to conceal than the P30 for me.
    Your mileage may vary
    Barth is spot on here. I've owned several P30 and P30sks (LEM and DA/SA) and have always drifted back to the P2000 series. The P30 is just a smidge too big for me to carry comfortably and the P30sk suffers from being a compact grip. I did have the 13rnd oem mags for the P30sk for a bit but found that the wiggle drove me freakin batsh$t.

    The p2000 has a full size grip, carries 14 rounds, is easy to conceal and is ambi for all us lefties. I carry my V2 LEM with night sights and it is a great EDC and one of my very favorites.
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