Scrounged up an HK4
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Thread: Scrounged up an HK4

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    Default Scrounged up an HK4

    This has been on my bucket list for years. Not like a burning desire but I figured if one fell in my lap, I'd hold on to it. This one turned up locally. It's been a shooter and the presentation box has seen better days, but the 9mm kurz kit looks unused and the .22lr barrel appears pristine. The gold plating is not as new and the slide looks like it has a slight skid mark in it. Probably could be buffed out. I'm not a mouse gun guy so I probably will let this one retire in the safe. I plan to keep my eye out for the .32 and .25 conversion kits. Cool gun though. all in all I think I did okay for 500.00ish.

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    Beautiful pistol. Before you try shooting, disassemble and check the buffer, mine was all crumbling. These are old guns after all. I sent mine to James from teufelshund tactical for new buffer, complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection, reassembly and asked to install .22 kit instead of .380, and he did a great job. Seems this pistol will function longer if shooting in.22 caliber.

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    Right. When I have some spare time I plan to go through it. For now it is in the queue of guns that need lovin'. I am still wrestling with a naughty Browning Hi Power that will not fire the last round until I tap the slide......weird. I think it's haunted.

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    .380 is hard on these alloy frames. Mauser knew what they were doing.....
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    Nice find! Good price! I had one of these with the .22, 32, and 9k (380) barrel a while back but lost it to due needing to pay for a divorce. Actually just picked up another one myself off of GB. Someone did a nickle plating job to the slide, trigger, and magazine. I know they didn't make them like this, but I like to carry it as my deep concealment carry so it doesn't bother me. Unfortunately the seller didn't say anything about it not working properly (not firing). Lucky for me I'm familiar with these pistols and ordered a new buffer, buffer plate, and firing spring from Numeric and she's all back to fully functioning again.
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    Nice 100th Anniversary Commemorative Set acquisition--- only 2,000--- HR 00001 to HR 02000!!!
    PM me the "usual" information, if you want.

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