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    Quote Originally Posted by wrongrecroom View Post
    If 9x21 as other said that was the export market model .. They are pretty rare gun.

    I have used one a lot .. For that price I would buy another just to have as the Space marine gun ( they carried them in Alien 2)

    If it helps

    Pluses :
    1. Even for today large mag size
    2. Some of best feed ramps I have seen on a handgun very hard to jam it with any ammo
    3. Easy to take apart and clean
    4. Soft shooting
    5. The grip is not bad and the shoot it recoil wise is soft

    But the negs :

    1. The trigger ..Ok this trigger sucks something horrible ..Very long very heavy think stapler gun but way worst ... Think colt what was 2000 ? . Not a fun gun to shoot a lot
    2. The safty ..Ok this was stupid imop the military guns don't have a manual safety . You really really really want to pull the trigger on this to make it go bang yet there is a crossbolt safty and not in a easy spot imop to hit ..Sure you can leave it off but it would be imop easy to push it in wrong
    3. The mags are still pricy and come and go not p7 pricing but still 40-100 each
    4. Parts holster etc ..They pretty much dont happen very few if any holster made to fit for it and what they are high end and often custom made .Parts again dont happened unless you find a scrapped one ..Forgot chaging the sights or grips or anything it is a buy it as is gun no real mods

    I fire one a few times and went this trigger sucks and eh ..There is a reason imop why they get the lower prices they do ...

    But for 650 $ sure I get one to have as a cool thing but for carry even heavy range use no ..The trigger is just too ugly for me
    Looks like we're drinking the same Koolaid 😉

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    You can do a Wolff spring swap out that lightens the pull somewhat. Before I did the trigger wore me out after a mag or two. The gun is VERY accurate even if the sights are a bit strange - it's just that as you tire out the sights wobble all over the place.

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