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Thread: Red or Blue P2000 frame, pick one

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    I like the blue visually. Red looked good too though, blue just eeked past for the vote. Screw black, I like the 2004 tan!!

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    None of the above, black is so sexy on a gun.

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    Im so used to seeing red training guns and blue simunition guns I dont want either.
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    While I don't think that either are a particularly good idea for a carry gun (color-wise; gun-wise the P2000 is excellent)' for a "fun" gun the red is a bit more "HK-ish;" so my vote would be for it between the 2 color choices.

    Guns in those colors imitate a training or Simunitions gun-or an Airsoft or toy gun. I guess you could argue for "camouflage in plain sight" but I think tactically it's questionable (if the guns are to be used tactically/duty/concealed carry).

    But hey, they're your guns...

    Best, Jon
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    mine is black.

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