USP Match Trigger - Installed!
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Thread: USP Match Trigger - Installed!

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    Default USP Match Trigger - Installed!

    After hearing some buzz around here on the forum about a potential restock on Match triggers, I figured I would see for myself. So after a quick conversation with HK customer service, the rumor turned out to be true!

    Well as of today, I received my USP in the mail back from HK after having them throw in a kit for me. That experience in itself could not have been better.. but I digress. Right out of the box I don't think I could have have been more impressed. The single action is AMAZING now. Super short take up and very light trigger pull (I estimate ~3 pounds.) I did not notice a huge difference with the double action but that was expected, although I do believe there is an improvement. On the range, I shot significantly better and I cant make this up. It just seemed a hell of lot more consistent and predictable with every trigger pull.

    Before the install, the trigger on the USP was nothing to hype up to say the least. If I had a list in order of my favorite features of the USP, the stock trigger really wouldn't be one of them. And as I have stated above, that has completely changed.

    So with a overall closing statement, if you're a USP owner and have not already got the match trigger, then I would highly suggest you call up HK asap :) With a downtime of 5 days, it is almost like the gun never left my shelf and when it came back it was a million times better. Maybe I'm a bit too ecstatic but damn I love this gun even more now. At the end of the day with shipping costs, labor and parts it was ~200 dollars.

    Now if any other USP owners wanna chime it would be awesome to hear your own opinion. Thanks for reading!

    USP Match Trigger - Installed!-20191004_160403.jpg
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    I agree. All of my USPs have the match trigger and it is great. I really enjoy the SA portion of the trigger. It is the best kept secret of the HK pistols.
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    Two questions please. Does the kit also fit the 9mm USP and did you get the prepaid shipping labels from HK ?
    And yes I know you have to pay for those labels but it sure makes it convenient.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks for the report--- HKCS is the best!!!
    However, my match trigger is my finger.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick101ABN View Post
    Does the kit also fit the 9mm USP
    It fits all calibers (9/40/45).
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    The match trigger is amazing. You will love it.
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    I shot about 2k rounds through my USP-SD before I installed the match trigger. I almost had to re-learn how to shoot the gun because the break was soo much different.

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    I had 950 rounds through the stock trigger until I installed it. Only put about 50 rounds through it with the new trigger I certainly will need a few more session to get used to it. Does anyone know if a USP tactical comes with a match trigger from the factory?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mahunik View Post
    Does anyone know if a USP tactical comes with a match trigger from the factory?
    It does. Just make sure it's actually the 'Tactical' model, and not the older 'SD' model, which didn't have the match trigger.
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    I have the match trigger in my expert, usp full size, and custom sport. It is a very good trigger. Don't know if I would call it great, especially for match guns, but it's very good:)

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