HK USPc Anniversary .40 cal mystery
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Thread: HK USPc Anniversary .40 cal mystery

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    Question HK USPc Anniversary .40 cal mystery

    I was reviewing my collection, and took a closer look at one of the HK pistols I have, and it is what appears to be an anniversary pistol. It's a USPc .40 in high gloss black w/a special coin in a wooden case - but I can't seem to find details on it - not here in the forums, or on the HK Pistols page, where the USPc's are covered pretty well. It's not the .45 which seems to be well covered here in the forums and the official USPc page.

    Am I addled, or is this some rare anniversary pistol that seems to be under reported? Need some pictures for the official page?

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    Welcome to the HKpro forum.

    You could ALWAYS contact HK USA customer service. They could tell you in a heartbeat.

    I know about the .45 that was part of the Anniversary edition from HK. Can't say I have seen a 40 Anniversary, and I kinda collect HK USPC 40 and I would LOVE to know about yours. That would be one I would want to collect in the long run.

    Again, welcome to the HK Enablers forum.

    Oh, if you plan to hang out a bit more, a one year paid membership is $30. You get extra emails and a few other things like the personalized signature line (see my signature line)
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    Welcome to the site---(International Training Division/50th Anniversary/USP40 Compact only/2000 manufacturing only)!!!
    You may want to read this:


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    Pics would certainly help!

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    Hey, thanks for the welcome. Though I guess technically it's a welcome back... as I used to have an account sometime before they rebooted the forums...

    It does look like that example...

    Thank you.

    It really makes me wish high gloss black was an option on their regular line of pistols... it looks amazing, would love it on my carry.

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