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Thread: Tan HK45 Special?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent04 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bash313 View Post
    Thank you all for the warm welcome...
    I couldn't price point the pistol because I couldn't find another one for sale. I know that this was a limited run pistol in 2015 for some type of military group. Closest thing I found was a new hk45c sand and they wanted 1400 for it.
    Exactly. The sand and ODG HK45 and HK45c's were in US production (not German) from late 2014 thru end of 2017. They were selling for about $700-$850 at that time.

    No way I'd pay $1400 for one these days. That's USP9 Expert money!

    I actually found it for 795 out the door. Light wear with holster light scratches. I couldn't believe it was the only one available. I couldn't find another one..pic in original post 👆

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    I had one of the Tactical versions several years ago. I may be speaking out of turn here, but I think they were a distributor exclusive (Lipsey's maybe).

    Good gun. Enjoy it.
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    Nice acquisition! Not rare at all as others have stated. I think the od green is harder to come by. You probably did fine on price considering the worn finish in your photo. Shoot it and enjoy it, they are great pistols.

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