Tell me about this pistol -P7, PSP pics
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Thread: Tell me about this pistol -P7, PSP pics

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    Default Tell me about this pistol -P7, PSP pics

    Please help me understand thr different variations between a P7 or PSP as to what I have.

    I obtained this in a Rolex trade and have since obtained PSP mags and P7 mags which fit.

    Here is 1 side:

    Here is the other and its SN.

    Any information as how I tell the difference between a P7 and PSP is good; members have explained some things on my sister pistol HK Mk 23 on the for sale board where I mentioned this gun.

    This P7 is not for sale. It shoots great!


    Is it nice!!

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    I suspect what you really want differentiation between is P7 PSP and P7 M8; as I recall, the basic differences is that the P7 PSP has a butt-heel magazine release, and that there were at least 2 variants in the configuration of the release lever and the grip plates, and the P7 M8 has the side lever magazine releases, and revised and enlarged triggerguard incorporating a heat shield (of only moderate effectiveness...). Magazines are different between the two main variants as well; I believe P7 M8 magazines, pricey as they are, are more easily obtainable than PSP magazines.

    I'm sure others more experienced in the nuances of various P7 variants will chime in. In the 1990s, I personally owned one of the last of the HK P7 PSPs produced for the commercial market, with the final revision of the butt-heel release lever and grip plates, where the release was more streamlined into the pistol's butt profile.

    Nice P7 PSP, by the way. It looks like one of the German police turn-ins, by the "NDS" stamp (Neiderschweinstein Police, I believe).

    Best, Jon
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    Ah yes, one of the elusive Neiderschweinstein PD guns, very cool indeed.
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    PSP (001-239)
    PSP P7 (240-250)
    P7 (251- 15-82XXX/highest seen)


    P7 PSP- smooth front spine, and rectangular hole on bottom rear spine; P7M8- protrusion on top right of front spine, and no rectangular hole on bottom rear spine

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