Trigger overtravel stop screw
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Thread: Trigger overtravel stop screw

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    Default Trigger overtravel stop screw

    I was watching a few pistol videos about trigger stops. The videos were about Colt, not about HK pistols. The one guy said the screw should be adjusted to the point where the hammer falls and then backed away one full turn. He also said to then hold the hammer when the trigger has been pulled back all the way and see if you can detect any rubbing of the sear on the hammer as the hammer rotates forward. There should be none. The following link describes a mis-adjusted trigger stop that does not let the sear clear the half cock ledge, potentially damaging the sear surface. I don't know if this is the same with H&K pistols but it's worth keeping in the back of one's mind.

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    Last week when I installed a match trigger kit in my USP40 I screwed out the trigger stop screw so it allowed dry firing and a bit more. It dry fired consistently but when I finally got out to actually shoot it the hammer would not fall in single action after the first 8 or 9 shots. Not knowing where else to look I thought of the trigger stop first. Unfortunately I did not have the allen wrench to adjust it with me. I brought the pistol home and adjusted the screw for more travel and yesterday I took it out to fire it. I shot 45 rounds with no issues, so dry firing is just a start point in the adjustment process. The screw is very snug in the trigger so I don't think it was a matter of the screw turning on its own. Too close is bad news unless the pistol is for target shooting only.

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    The addition of a set screw, will help in a shorter reset and will compliment a short reset trigger kit/reset mod by 15% or so depending on the model. I have done a number of these, set screw installation stand alone or comes standard with the short reset package.

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    What I always recommend when people ask me how to adjust the stop screw is back out the screw in DA mode (ie. dry firing) until the hammer stops dropping, then turn the screw back in 1/4 turn at a time until the hammer drops again. Then, start racking the slide and checking the hammer drop (but this time in SA mode) until the hammer drops consistently in SA mode. Finally, take the gun to the range and bring the hex key with you to adjust it again during live fire.
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    ^^^^ Good advice there....
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