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    Default Hk usp expert 9

    Does this gun come with a match trigger??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burstco View Post
    Does this gun come with a match trigger??
    Yup, from the factory it does.

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    A great thread on the match trigger if you want more particulars:
    HK - No Compromise

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    Yep. The best DA/SA trigger from the HK factory.

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    Yes the Expert line comes with the match trigger.

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    As the above posters indicated, the answer is "yes." In addition, it is probably one of the best match triggers in a production semi-auto pistol, with the only one in my "collection" which is better being a tuned trigger on a 1911.
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    For perspective, I have three SIG Mastershop Match pistols and a Colt Gold Cup. The triggers on these pistols are some of the best available. The HK Match trigger is nearly identical to those triggers in a side by side comparison for cleanliness and consistency of break and lightness/sensitivity. I read plenty of complaints about HK triggers. The Match trigger is too sweet to complain about for sure.

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