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Thread: MARK 23 still worth the cost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_Servo View Post
    I'd rather have a USP and P30 for that kind of money.

    But most people who own a MK23 also have a USP and a P30. a MK23 isn't an entry level handgun. It's more like a Patek Philippe vs a Tag heuer. They're both well made watches, but the connoisseur isn't going to be happy with a perfectly nice Tag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apdrvr View Post
    I've always been a fan of weapons use by SOCOM but have debated whether it's worth spending the money for a MARK 23? Does SOCOM still use them?
    I think it is. It's not very practical, but an icon worth having. It's a great range gun or for outdoor target practice and plinking. It's superb as a suppressor host. Some shooters even use the 23 for hunting with the Super-45 round.

    I believe SOCOM no longer uses them due to it's large size, but it's still an inventory item (very, very low numbers) in the Navy and Army.

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    the mark 23 is one of my favorite firearms...built like no other pistol out there...period

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    I like my Mark 23 because she's butch.

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    Counterpoint, I spent years debating on one. After years pursuing my dream job I decided to say **** it and get one, after I got the offer. It’s hands down my favorite pistol! My wife and I camp a lot and it comes on every trip with us because I know it’ll work no matter what. It’s a brilliant shooter and even better suppressed. It’s not a small pistol but it’s always demonized by many who’ve never seen one as being “crew served”. At the end of the day it’ll hold its value if you decide to sell it. I say buy with confidence.

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    Worth it is a very subjective question when talking about firearms. When talking about Hk anything then almost all traditional metrics of value are unusable. Is a P7 worth it? HK21 bipod? USP match? MP5 briefcase? It would seem the answer is yes.

    I dont own one. There are several USPs on my collector list with a higher priority but if one popped up alot cheaper than usual I would buy it. I personally think they are awesome. Awesome to hold, awesome to shoot, awesome suppressed, awesome to look at. From a collector standpoint I think down the road one couldn't go wrong.

    Think of a Swiss P210. On paper it's a big heavy single action 9mm pistol with crappy capacity. If you dont want one then it's stupid waste of money, and you could buy 3 whatevers and a whatever. If I got a nice one for under $2500 id be thrilled.

    It's all in the eye of the beholder.

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    I own one as well. I enjoy shooting it, and it’s a fantastic pistol to handle. I relegate it more now to introducing new shooters to a 45, and it definitely helps as a piece of historical conversation. I bought mine solely for the Navy connection, as I have a lot of relatives who served (none of them in SOCOM). My dad was extremely pleased when we reconnected after years of being estranged and it helped us both iron out the ruts in our relationship.

    That being said, a USP is absolutely more practical if you just want a reliable shooter. If you want the SOCOM connection, then yeah HK45C or even a USP 45 Compact will fulfill that requirement. The mark 23 does all of that if you just wanted one gun to represent the genesis of the USP line along with the historical context of OHWS.

    If you want to chase hot 45 super, 450Smc, or 460 Rowland, then the MK23 SHOULD be your choice.
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    It's a neat gun surely, with a hell of a pedigree, but the Mark 23 has NEVER been worth the cost.

    Heck, I don't think it's worth even half the cost.

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    I love all things HK I am a big fan of the MK 23 but HK has buy now paid for all tooling and molds they could drop the price by 400-500$ the pistol is not a $2,000.00 - $2,500.00 gun most are not getting a suppressor with the gun not saying you are not either but yes they could come off the price as well with the USP legacy line they COULD drop it by $150.00 - $200.00 per gun but they wont sorry if I may piss someone off this is my belief on the prices .

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    Quote Originally Posted by azimuth View Post
    I like my Mark 23 because she's butch.

    I remember seeing these photos (or ones very similar) years ago! Thanks for posting them again. I love the wooden fence in the background.

    The MK23 is my favorite pistol. The photo of a Navy Seal coming out of the water in his wet suit with a MK23 was what got me interested in sport shooting.

    At one point I had 3 MARK 23s, all used. I paid between $800 and $1800 for each of them, including $1500 for one that came with 5 magazines and a B&T suppressor (I bought it to get the suppressor and extra magazines). I later sold the pistol with two magazines for $1200. But then, the market is a little different here in Europe. But there is no need to buy a MARK 23 new. I would encourage you to look for an older one with the maritime finish, preferably with a KG date code.
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    If "Dirty Harry" had been made in 1996:
    "I know what you're thinking: 'Did he fire twelve shots or only eleven?' Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I've kinda lost track myself. But being this is a HK MARK 23, the only offensive handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?"

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