Non-Safety Control Latch on Safety Model P30s
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Thread: Non-Safety Control Latch on Safety Model P30s

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    Default Non-Safety Control Latch on Safety Model P30s

    Hello all,

    So I am currently working on my P30LS which I had purchased several months ago. I had installed a Gray Gun's short reset kit and the improvement was phenomenal. However I was introduced to LEM by a friend of mine and decided to convert my V3 into a V4.1 following the instructions found at . After finishing assembly I noticed that I had an issue with the trigger reset. In uncocked, full double-action, if I dry-fire the gun, the trigger would not reset when I let go. In order to reset in uncocked double-action, I would have to manually push it forward or pull back on the trigger and slide my finger off to the slide to allow spring tension to do the rest. Upon further research it turns out that the Gray Guns reset kit for the safety models was only intended for use in V1 and V3 variants. They have a 4.1 version available but it is intended for the safetyless models. So my question is that would it be possible to use the control latch that lacks the hook on a P30LS? I am aware that I will lose functionality with the safety lever which I am fine with as I use it as a thumb rest anyways.

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    You should be able to use the SRS V4.1 Control Latch in your P30LS

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