Light for HK P30SK
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Thread: Light for HK P30SK

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    Default Light for HK P30SK

    What lights are you using on your P30SK? I prefer a small one and my Streamlight TLR-3 sticks out too far.

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    Olight PL-mini 2.
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    I use Streamlight TLR-7, it does stick out a little but for me its not bad. The TLR-7 and factory 13 round mag are my current EDC set up for my P-30sk and for me work great.
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    Unless you can find a holster designed to fit the light you have, you're going to want to look at getting a suitable hand held light and learning to use it. We worked with Surefire to design this one when I was with Haley Strategic and I teach hand her lighting techniques as part of my Advanced Courses. Its small enough to actually carry with you every day and powerful enough for both searching and shooting.
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    Have a TLR7, but if I were replacing I'd go with TLR8G
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    I use the Olight PL mini 2 with a Black Rhino Concealment holster- good setup, fits perfectly. You do need to be sure the holster does not rub on the charging area too much at the bottom of the light. I know from another olight flashlight that if this attachment point gets scuffed up it can prevent it from changing. I put a piece of electrical tape over this area and just pull it off to charge.

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    I don't have the P30sk, but I use the Olight PL-Mini 2 on my VP9sk and it's a perfect match. 600 lumens is enough to light up any target that you might be reliably shooting at with a compact handgun, and not so bright as to blind you indoors. Most holster makers are now making products to fit, as the Olights are gaining popularity. I keep mine in a White Hat MaxClip IWB holster.
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    Kinda reviving a dead thread but wanted y’all to know bout a IWB &AIWB Lightbearing Holster option in

    I haven’t ordered one, but I’m leaning towards this company for my VP9 since I’ve added a OLight PL2

    Now, I’m looking for a weapon light for my EDC P30sk. What’s everyone’s experience with battery life on the OLight PL mini 2? How often are y’all having to charge?
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