357 Barrel for USP Expert 40?
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Thread: 357 Barrel for USP Expert 40?

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    Default 357 Barrel for USP Expert 40?

    Has anyone put a .357sig barrel in a USP Expert 40? I am obsessed with putting one together and trying to find someone that offers a threaded expert barrel in .357sig. A 5+ inch barrel would really make that round scream. Best bet that I've found so far would be to try to get RCM or Jarvis to make a custom one for me.


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    I'm a big fan of the .357sig, and I've not heard or seen anyone use a .357sig drop-in barrel in the USP40 Expert. I've seen guys at my range use a USP40 with an RCM .357sig barrel and the USP9 Expert mags to avoid the misfeed problems the factory USP40 mags caused.

    Good luck to your conversion.
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