HK P9S Buffer Inspection Question
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Thread: HK P9S Buffer Inspection Question

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    Default HK P9S Buffer Inspection Question

    When taking the HK P9S .45acp down to inspect the polyurethane buffer, I could only see the end side of the buffer, because the housing that it sits in has welds and cannot be "opened". To remove the buffer, you would have to pull it out. I could find no videos on-line showing the buffer inspection or removal, but I had read many articles here and elsewhere.

    Does anyone know of a video showing the actual removal of the buffer on a P9S?

    Mine looks fine and the HK dealer (retired) who I obtained it from said he put a new buffer in it 2 years ago before putting it back in his safe, but I wanted to personally see it before firing the pistol, and fortunately it was good, so the spare I obtained from Numrich will be for some future date.

    Videos anyone on buffer exchange?


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    I work on the P9S probably more than anyone, so I'll be glad to help.
    There is not easy way to remove the recoil buffer. Any method of prying it out with a pick or similar tool will most likely destroy it. With such a classic gun, long out of production, with parts difficult and expensive, to impossible to source, I always recommend new owners go ahead and just replace the recoil buffer unless you can see from the limited view that it looks brand new. Most of the time though, the buffer has not been changed since HK originally put it in (30-40 or more years ago). Even if the pistol was a safe queen, chances are that the buffer has degraded over time to the point that it will not protect the rather delicate locking lug area of the receiver.
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    Robert, I would send your p9s to James, Marine 0303. He has worked on one of my p9s and will be sending him another shortly. I highly recommend you do this as you have a great pistol, but if the buffer fails, you are in a world of hurt. Just my two cents!!
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