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    I have a few different HK45s and 45Cs. If you do not yet have a .45 cal pistol, and your intent is range use and home defense, I recommend the HK45 instead of the 45C. The 45C is an excellent pistol and will not disappoint you, but the grip on the HK45 is amazing. The only advantage I see in the 45C is for carry (the smaller, smoother grip will print less).

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    I had HK CS convert one of my 45C to v7, it's now my favorite HK 45 flavor, silly accurate.
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    I've been carrying an HK45 full-size on Duty since 2014 and is my favorite pistol. I've been carrying an HK45c as a backup while on duty and as a concealed carry piece since that same time frame. The HK45c is my second favorite platform by a very narrow margin. I am very intimate with both pistols. My compact is on me or with me 24 hours a day.

    I would say between the two pistols the HK45c is going to be a better option for the vast majority of people. It is a bit of a Jack of all trades platform. When in V7 with 8 round magazines, flat floor plates and a slim slide lock, the pistol has a very favorable and concealable footprint. Additionally you can utilize 10 round elephant foot magazines and the pistol can be utilized as a full size pistol and is still very much concealable.

    The V7 light LEM is a very nice trigger on a combat handgun. A lot of +'s with this set up. The pistol has a long track history as being bombproof, as it should, it's internals are 95% compatible with the historic lineage of the USP series of handguns. One has to just read's 50,000 round test of the big brother or watch the USP pass the military arms channels Gauntlet torture test.

    They are very accurate firearms. I have been around 1911's my entire life. I have pistols that have more mechanical accuracy potential than I will ever be able to realize. The H45 and HK45c, for me, display accuracy on par with higher end pistols.

    Very good aftermarket sights are available for the HK45 series also. Among my favorite are 10-8 Performance, Vickers and Dawsons. The trigger itself can be made even better with a Gray Guns drop in kit. Additionally Holster options are fairly plentiful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jslow View Post
    Thinking of picking up a Hk 45C. V7 LEM. They seem to be able to get right now and believe it or not I’m .45less in my collection right now. Crazy huh. Sell me on picking one up. The good, bad etc. it would mainly be used for range use and HD. Might (might) occasion carry it with the right IWB holster if anyone thinks it will carry ok. I’m interested in that too. It’s carry comfort. I currently carry p2000sk/Vp9sk ,p2000,G19, Sig XCompact size guns. Mostly I carry the p2000sk and find it PERFECT for me. Anyway please send me your thoughts on this model from those of you that own it. Thank you!!
    HK45C carries very nicely, just a tiny bit bigger than a 1911 CCO. Probably very similar to your P2000SK. I would go with the LE version with the night sights unless you plan on replacing the sights anyway.
    For range use, I prefer the fullsize Hk45 and HK45 Tactical.
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