How to tell USP45 case vs USP9/40
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Thread: How to tell USP45 case vs USP9/40

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    Trying to find a case for my 99 USP45 FS.

    I read the 9/40 cases (full size and compact) for the old grey case is the same, but the 45’s don’t fit in them correctly.

    Is that correct?

    I don’t like not having cases for each of my guns and want to get a case for it.

    Seller on eBay has one, but he said he’s not sure how to tell and said he doesn’t see any markings to tel.

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    Thank you! I tried searching and couldn’t quote find anything other that that they are different. Reading now.

    Edited to add:
    So sounds like I need the newer style case. So the old style was for the 9/40 and the new style grey case was for the 9/40/45?

    Case online looks like the old one so I don’t know how to tell if it will fit a 45. Guess I’ll just have to buy and try.
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