USP front sight dovetail comparison
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Thread: USP front sight dovetail comparison

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    Default USP front sight dovetail comparison

    Strangely enough, I’m not quickly or confidently able (via Google search) to confirm that the dovetail in the USP full is identical in size to the USP Compact. Can I get a confirmation from a USP guru?

    Before anyone feels the need to educate me on front sight height requirements being different... I get it. I am only asking for a comparison of the dovetail “slots”.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The angles are the same, the compact rear dove tail is a hair deeper than the full size. The sight heights are more than likely different due to the shorter barrel, slide mass/cycle movement distance and recoil spring rate.

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    I haven’t measured them, but I did accidentally put a full size set in my compact recently. They fit fine and removed easy.

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