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Thread: Im going crazy , hk 45 or usp 45

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    Get both is the go to joking answer, but not in the case. I would not have believed it, but getting both really was the answer for me at least. Other than both made falling under the HK name and firing the .45 they are each their own beast and can be discussed, but you have to handle and fire both to truly appreciate. With that aside there are factors not mentioned that others have that would drive you more to one side or the other, like what laws you might have to be aware of, hand size, etc. The triggers and version type are not locked in per pistol and can be switched out.
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    Mk23 is the correct answer here. 🙃
    But if we must choose between the HK45 and USP, and both isn’t an option, then it most likely comes down to hand size. I love the feel of the HK45 in my hand, but I shoot the USP better. If you have smaller hands, the USP may be a bit uncomfortable to hold. As others have said, being able to hold or, better yet, shoot them would be ideal.
    I actually prefer the HK45c over the HK45 or the USP, but whichever one you pick will get the job done.

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    I agree with Tony. Get the USP 45 next. Then the HK 45. Then the USP 45 C, then the HK 45 C. Then start on the tactical’s, Elites, Match’s ...

    I think I read somewhere that it is a rule on the forum you need to have at least one of each.

    I suggest telling everyone which state you are in and I’m sure 5 or 10 people on the forum will let you test drive a few to let you decide.

    If that is not an option, find somewhere near that rents and have a test drive.

    I prefer the USP line to the HK line, but as someone else said, that’s just me.


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    Doc44ga called it. Start with the USP line first.
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