Next should be?? Can’t decide.
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Thread: Next should be?? Can’t decide.

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    Default Next should be?? Can’t decide.

    On the fence here gonna order one of the following next week. Either a VP9 2020 or P30 V1 LEM with NS. Yes I’ll get both eventually! We all know that. But if you had to pick one first what would it be. I own the sk’s in both and have zero issue with striker or LEM. I don’t like DA/SA personally. Which first and why?

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    I'd go P30. I have a handful of VP9s, but really liking the hammer fired HKs of late. P30L should be considered as well, it's amazing.
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    I'll second the vote for the P30 LEM. You can pretty much always get a VP these days; the P30 LEM is likely of a magnitude of difficulty/availability higher. ration for a P30L LIf you can get one, nail it down soonest is my advice.

    And double-echo the consideration for a P30L LEM-superb balance, and easily both/either a duty or concealed carry weapon.

    Best, Jon

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    Punt the P30 LEM, and get the P30L LEM instead. Then get the VP9.
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    I would go with the VP9...... I just purchased a VP9 2020 and am extremely pleased with it.... I have only put 100 rounds thru it with the iron sights and found it to be very smooth and accurate. I am now putting a Holosun 507C red dot on it. I purchased the VP9-SK 1-1/2 years ago and love that pistol, it drove my recent purchase of the VP9 2020.

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    My guess is I’ll order the P30 LEM. As everyone said it might be hard to get soon (been through that). And I’m thinking the VP9 will be much easier to purchase in the near future. I hear people are not too fond of the p30 trigger. My p30sk V1 seems fine. I’m assuming it’s the same on the p30??
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    P30 trigger gets blasted for the reset. If your shoot any SRT Sigs, the reset on the P30 is atrocious. Heck, if you shoot a USP or HK45 LEM, the P30 reset is still pretty bad. For some reason though, I shoot it extremely well and I’m very fond of my V1 P30 and P30SK. I’d like to get a P30L at some point even though I don’t shoot it any better or worse than the regular P30. Just want to complete the family.

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    Default P30L

    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent04 View Post
    Punt the P30 LEM, and get the P30L LEM instead. Then get the VP9.
    I would have to agree with above person, I have a P30L and it is great, I also send all of my H&Ks to Bill Springfield for trigger jobs and this P30L is my go to pistol for plates and bowling pins.

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    Of your choices, the P30--- of your non-choices, the USP45FS (Variant 1)!!!


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    I second the P30 option first. I like the idea of going P30L instead though.
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