P30Sk vs P2000SK for EDC
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Thread: P30Sk vs P2000SK for EDC

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    Default P30Sk vs P2000SK for EDC

    Good morning,

    I did a search and wasn't coming up with anything on the forum. I'm interested in feedback on the P30SK vs P2000SK for carry purposes. I've had a chance to handle and shoot the P30SK, but no one has a P2000SK locally. Can anyone who has had both provide some thoughts? If there is a thread already on this, a link would be appreciated.


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    There are several threads of various opinions. In the handgun talk section in the search que type p30 vs p2000 you will see a myriad. Functionally the manual of arms is the same. Size, weight, and dimensions are close give or take fractions here and there. The 30 series obviously is more grip texture and is customizable to fit the hand. For me that's not super important.

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    I own both. Fantastic, great, buy one or both!!!! I prefer the p2000sk slightly over the p30sk due to the comfort of the grip panels when carrying. Can’t go wrong with either. I also appreciate the homage of the p2000sk to the USP line of pistols. The p2000sk seems just a bit more solid in the hands. The p30sk is simply fantastic too and is shipping now with the V1 light hammer spring. It’s great. The p2000sk ship with V2. Honestly they both are simply fantastic! The ergonomics are prized with the grip on the p30sk. It’s very comfortable. But with my medium size hands I also really like the flat panels of the p2000sk. Heck.... I just love both. If I absolutely had to choose.... I’d personally pick the p2000sk. BTW. I also own a Vp9sk. Here is “my” personal or order of the three.
    1). P2000sk
    2). P30sk V1
    3). Vp9sk
    4). Glock 26 Gen 5 (had to throw it in)
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    P30SK with Talon rubber overlay, my fave
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    I have the P30sk as well as two VP9sk's. I like the fact all three I have can run the same 10, 13 or 15 round mags. I find the SK's very comfortable to shoot and a good choice for CC or H/D with the 15 round mags. I don't think you can go wrong with any HK

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    they are essentially the same. slightly different grip profile. I don't have a VP9SK, but I have a P30SKs and my brother's carry gun is a P2KSK, so I've shot both. basically comes down to which grip you prefer, otherwise operationally they are the same gun.
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    Please, don't underestimate the ability to switch those side panels. I feel a lot of people think "I have medium hands so I'll just leave the medium panels on." Use the S,M,L back straps for hand size. The Large panels create a very nice ledge up top helping control the already soft recoil characteristics. With the large back strap, I ground the hump down, re-stippled, then Talon'd it. Even with a flush magazine in my P30sk, the gun feels like it's supposed to be in my hand.

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    I owned both and prefer the 2000sk for carry as it’s thinner.

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    I prefer the P2000sk over the P30sk for one reason. I am a dainty flower and the little groove in the bottom of the trigger guard on the P30sk irritates my finger.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I just ordered a P2000SK V3 to try. Will let you know how I like it. Thanks again.

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