Problem with my P30 LEM trigger
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Thread: Problem with my P30 LEM trigger

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    Default Problem with my P30 LEM trigger

    I took the pistol apart to oil it before I went to the range today and when I put it back together the trigger won't reset. When I insert a magazine and then release the slide the trigger is spongy and the hammer is 1/2 cocked. If I manually push the trigger forward it all clicks into place and feels tight. I looked at the spring that moves the trigger forward and it doesn't look broken but it's almost like it's not fully uncoiling to push the trigger forward. If I pull the trigger and keep it pressed while I cycle the slide the trigger resets but it seems really weak. Any ideas?

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    When you say took it apart do you mean field stripped or totally took it apart?

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    Just field stripped it. This is the first time I've ever had a problem with any HK. It's possible it had the problem before I took it apart but I'm not sure. I normally shoot 1911's or my VP9 so this one just sits in the nightstand.

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    Which spring?
    The Cocking Piece Spring is between the Hammer and the Sear. This spring keeps rearward pressure on the Hammer (not forward pressure).
    The Trigger Reset Spring is what pulls the Hammer forward, via the Trigger Bar, which is pressed up by the Trigger Bar Detent and TBD Spring.
    The Hammer Spring moves the Hammer forward, via the Cocking Piece, when the Trigger is pressed.

    Sounds like perhaps the Trigger Bar is losing contact with the Hammer? Like the Trigger Bar Detent is stuck in the down position (pressed down during reset, but didn't come back up)

    Broken TBDS or stuck Trigger Bar Detent.
    Inspect TRS coils and legs for problems.
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    I wanted to update this thread due to the outstanding customer service from HK. It looks like when I removed the disassembly lever I damaged the trigger return spring. I shipped the pistol to HK last Wednesday and it's already on it's way back to me. Now I know why I own so many HK's.
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    When field stripping P30s remember the slide bar isn't removed. IIRC it's held in or work with TRS. The slide release comes out about 1/8 inch has red indicator.

    HK CS is great, have fun.
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