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Thread: Carrying HK Compact

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    Default Carrying HK Compact

    i am REALLY REALLY REALLY interested in getting a HK subcompact as a carry piece.. how is the HK USP Compact 40cal in size versus the HK P2000 40cal vesus the size in the HK p2000SK?

    how do they compare in shooting/recoil.
    if not these what other of the HK compacts can hg members recommend?
    last time i held a p2000(if i am remembering correctly) the grip felt a bit short in my hand...
    what is the difference between the p2000 and p2000sk

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    I carry a USP Compact 40, and other times a P2000sk 40. I do not have a P2000.
    The uspc stays tighter to my body, due to the longer slide. The P2000sk has less weight, but I have found that it tends to tip out away from the body more than the usp C

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    I have USPC in both 40 and 9 and the p2000sk. The 9's are my favorite and both are always in carry rotation. The little p2000sk shoots about as soft as the compact. I suspect you would like either one. However, the USPC in a Milt Sparks Versa Max holster is my most everyday carry! Can't comment on P2000 as I have never owned one. The USPC and the P2000sk are about the size of a Glock 19 and G26.

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    P2000sk and USPC40 are nearly identical in size if you have the pinky extension on the sk mag, plus you get 2 more rounds with the USPC. I've had at least one USPC40 since 1996. They aren't fancy or the most modern but I keep coming back to it as one of my all time favorites. It carries easily in a Stealthgear IWB.
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    I AIWB carry the USP45C. I find it much easier to draw than my comparable HK45C. Both have WMLs on them. The draw seems more consistent and snag free when carrying in the waistband.

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    Perhaps get your hands on them, feel, shoot and decide for yourself what will work for you. Everyone telling you what works for them has no bearing unless you’re looking to go with majority rules. Go with what works for you and your desired criteria/application. They are all great in their own right, but my reasons why may not be your reasons why. So good luck figuring it out, on your own, after handling/shooting each. If you don’t have access to all three buy all three, that’s what I did. No regrets.
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    I love USPs, and have several. I daily carry a P30SK.
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