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    Default Expert in 9 for CCW

    Anyone have the Expert in 9mm as a carry gun? Not concerned about the size as much as thoughts on whether it's a good carry option or if there's a better HK option in 9. Smallest I want to go is the USP9 Compact as I have fairly large hands. I'm sure finding a holster might be a challenge but that's ok as I'm sure they're out there. Thanks

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    Actually just picked up an expert today. Just handling it the sights are very sharp and tall. I couldn’t imagine concealing it. I have a Usp cmpact and VP9. I choose to carry the VP9 everyday.

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    I have an expert in 9mm and it is an amazing pistol. I suppose it's as good as any if you can carry it, draw it, etc. effectively. I would think a full size usp with a match trigger (which I have love) would be a better option, but that's just me. I would never discourage anyone from carrying an expert. It would put you in the bad mofo category in my book:)

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    Does carry experience with the full-size USP in 9mm count? My USP9 was my first centerfire pistol, and my first carry pistol. As a straight, from-the-factory gun, I found it to be very well-rounded, without sharp edges or corners. I also found the USP grip to be on the shorter side of a full-size gun, and both of these things were very good for carry. The only real downside that I found was that it was a fairly thick gun, which I only really noticed once I started trying out 1911s.

    I'd agree completely with your list of positives.

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    Very interesting discussion, I'm going to have to look this up.
    Scouts Out

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    USP9 Expert for a CCW? Why would you unless you're the size of Shaquile O? Sights are too tall, and the slide is too long. For OWB carry, say for competition? Yep.

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