Replace my USP Tactical?
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Thread: Replace my USP Tactical?

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    Default Replace my USP Tactical?

    Sadly, grudgingly, I have to admit my eyes aren't what they use to be. I'm thinking a dot sight might be the way to go.

    I'd rather not alter (slide cut) my USP Tactical to accept an RMR type sight and I don't like the option of adding a mount to the rear iron sight cut (too high).

    Buying a new duty pistol is definitely an option. Not a fan of striker fired (VP9) pistols. The P30 and its variants look enticing. Are you able to cut the slide on the P30's to accept red dot's?
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    You dont want to cut the slide on your usp but you do want to cut the slide on a p30? I have seen it done on both models but I would suggest shooting a p30 before you buy. I did not like them as much as my USPs.

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    I'm having a USP milled for a RMR but only has a project.

    if it was for carry a P30L with a RMR would be better if you're already used to carrying a fully size pistol. IMHO
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    Unless your USP has some collectable reason to not mill it, I think its one of the best pistols out there. I love mine and would not be parting with mine for another model. Just my $0.02

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    Have you looked into getting an extra slide to have cut for an optic so as to not mess with the original one?
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    Dot sights are my preference!!!


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    "You dont want to cut the slide on your usp but you do want to cut the slide on a p30"

    Nothing more than sentimental reasons. Been carrying it a long time. Bought it from a friend no longer with us. Just don't want to do it. That said, maybe the second slide is the option I'm looking for. Hard to consider not having a USP on my hip.

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    I put Meprolight white outline/tritium sights on my Expert which will also fit your Tactical. I suffer from the same problem with old eyes and the Meps were exactly what
    the pistol needed as I can't see all black target sights like the Tactical and Expert have. Try this before you mill your Tactical as you may not like the red dot. unfortunately
    they don't sell the set anymore but you can still get the sights separately here;
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    The machining arts and folks who can properly run a mill with precision and attention to detail are few and far between in the U.S.
    There are only a small handful that I trust with such tasks. All are classically trained machinists and all are over the age of 60.
    I would not risk milling the slide.

    Out of curiosity, why do you not like the VP9? I did not like the idea of it, either. But I shot one with a size “small” backstrap (my glove size is Large) and it is phenomenal. I bought one shortly after. The advantage of the VP9 is that you can purchase one “optics ready”.
    This means it was properly engineered to run an optic and that testing was performed prior to mass market release of the newly designed slide (now with optic mounting trench) that had to be made.
    I place significant value in that rather than a “machine shop job”.
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