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Thread: Logistics of an SP5K over a conventional Semi Auto Pistol

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    You might find this post interesting, OP:


    Also, having shot all kinds of pistol and subgun matches, when I got bored with standard setups, it becomes challenging and yet frustrating to shoot the match using the SP5k in pistol configuration. Even using the sear and semi-auto with the K-grip, it really stands out that if you want to HIT anything, you really need that stock to go along with it.

    In auto, as a machine pistol with sear, I went through 210rnds (7 mags) and couldn't clear 2 plate racks and a stop plate to finish the match. Range was about 20yds (Big Sandy, 2018). It was hilarious. I could have done far better with a VP9,
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    I appreciate the input from all of you. I put this in the rookie section because its a rookie question. I think I have a pretty good answer to my question and a lot of newer ways of viewing it. Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by armedjetflyer View Post
    Marketing Class 101...

    HK sells the SP5 and SP5K as pistols, to be used as a foundation for your SBR project. Plain and simple.

    If you don't SBR these pistols, then you missed the intent of the platform.

    Luckily for now, these "pistols" pass under the BATF wire.
    It was NEVER meant to stay a pistol. It was meant to be legal platform to build upon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pilot172000 View Post
    I bought an MP5 and fully expect to apply for it to be converted into an SBR. I want an MP5K next, but I am trying to rationalize whether I should get one or instead get an HK pistol like the USP or the P30. Out of the box, which am I better off with, especially if I already have an SBR?

    Buy the SP5K next. It will be a better investment. It will be far easier to get a P30 or VP9 well into the future. The same availability cannot be guaranteed for the SP5/SP5K.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sickness View Post
    Yeah, that about sums it up.

    The SP5/SP5k - as a PLATFORM is far superior to any ordinary handgun. Out of the box, it is unwieldy and difficult to shoot. I'd be dumb-founded if I could manage to shoot a stock SP5k better than my carry gun. But the entire game changes when you add a brace or stock to the SP5k.

    Honestly this whole discussion is confusing to me. OBVIOUSLY the SP5/SP5k has some serious advantages over a handgun. But that shouldn't even be the comparison, really.

    A far better question is "Why would I want to drop $2.5k+ on a SP5/SP5k when I can get a quality shorty AR for less?"

    From a practical perspective, in today's age, the MP5 is a loser. If you must have a pistol caliber, there are other guns that cost less and are high-quality (looking at you, B&T). If you're NOT tied to a pistol caliber, one can get a whole lot more firepower going with an AR, and for less money.

    As an enthusiast / collector -- all those considerations are bullocks. Of COURSE I want an MP5 style gun over an AR. Why? It isn't an AR. Full stop.

    I agree. Confusing discussion.

    The MP5 is the best in class and world standard for 9mm subguns. I like the B&T, but what about spare parts? What about a proven track record? It’s got zilch on the MP5.

    I like the MP5K for the reason you pointed out. A full-size MP5 is close in size to a 10 inch CQBR. I’d rather have the CQBR.
    The size of the K is significantly smaller so it’s an interesting choice for “niche” applications.
    That, and new shooters really enjoy the ease of shooting and handling the MP5.

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    How are SP5K stock availability compared to the SP5?

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    Choate and B&T make MP5K stocks that I believe will fit the SP5K.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pilot172000 View Post
    The SP5k reminds me a lot of the old Mauser C96 in configuration but on steroids. I really like the SBR configuration or for its original intended purpose as a primary inside the cockpit of a chopper. As a pistol it proves to be a bit mercurial. It’s as if they should send you a Form1 application with it in the box or offer you a discount on an HK labeled arm brace. With the barrel length of a regular MP5, you can still use it as a primary weapon even in pistol form. One thing you can’t take away from the HK SP5K is it’s absolute beauty! It’s made for the movies and really excites the imagination of gun enthusiasts across the spectrum.
    Now, the mention of SP5K and C96 in the same sentence has got me to thinking, has anyone ever considered a .30 Luger barrel on a MP5 family weapon? Yes, the C96 was .30 Mauser, but you can’t load that in a MP5 mag - .30 Luger should work.

    Do a barrel change and hot rod some .30 Luger ammo and that might be a pretty zippy shootin’ conversation piece.

    I once had a C96 that I handloaded for back when .30 Mauser wasn’t domestically available using .223 brass cut down and loaded with .32 hollow points. I could hit a NRA B-27 full size silhouette with the shoulder stock on the pistol every time at 200 yards and about 1/3 at 300.

    If I could get a barrel blank reamed for .30 Luger and pressed in, it might be a going concern. Any thoughts, or is this just late evening dreaming?
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    I like your idea of a 30 Luger rebarrel for an MP5 platform. I really enjoy shooting, and reloading the 30 Luger cartridge, and have done so for many years. I have two(2) handguns that I had Bar-Sto make me 30 Luger barrels for, and very pleased with the end result. Also, a few P08 Lugers thrown into the mix.

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    For the OP; here is some insight into my logic of using the SP5K at work (very limited role).

    First off, as noted numerous times above, without an SBR-stock or brace, the SP5K is just a cool oversized handgun. Someone mentioned above, in the true handgun config. (no stock/brace) you are likely better suited with a proper/traditional handgun. Once a stock/brace is added things change a little.

    I occasionally use my SP5K (with a stock/brace) when working surveillance, and want to have more defensive firepower readily available than a standard handgun. Specifically in the winter months when I'm wearing a parka or similar jacket. I fold the stock/brace, sling the gun, and it rides at my support side (left) concealed by my jacket. I have an RMR set up on the gun, and I can swing the gun around from concealment while extending the stock, and be on target with the red dot extremely smoothly and efficiently; allowing me to have shoulder fired accuracy and volume in a small and concealed package. Admittedly, this is a very limited role. In situations that concealment is not the primary priority, I go to my rifle, but every once in a while I need to get closer to a person or location and want a little more than just my handgun with me.

    again, just a little insight into non-standard applications for the PDW sized "handguns"

    now aside from my practical use of the SP5K, the thing is a blast to shoot. with that in mind, you can't really go wrong with picking one up just for the entertainment value.
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