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Thread: New P30 Owner Here

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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfieRules View Post
    Federal HST or Speer GoldDots, only EDC ammo I use. Never had an issue with either, nor even heard of nickel plated cases not feeding.
    + 1

    Highly recommend running a fair amount of your choice through your piece to assure proper functioning.
    That exact # of rounds should be determined by your comfort level.

    As far as practice ammo? I use the 115 grain projectiles, & I’ve run a ton of discount / bulk brass cased ammo through all my USP & P30L with no issues. Money & at various times availability drives me to the E. European brands (S&B primarily) & others.

    I do prefer Lawman & the Federal Practice & Protect lines of ball/practice ammo.

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    Welcome to the site, and congratulations on the acquisition!!!
    I will add Winchester Black Talon (147 grain) to the "offensive" ammunition.


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    Congratulations! P30 is a great and confidence inspiring pistol


    My P30 eats Speer GDHP 124gr +P flawlessly

    Flawless Practice:

    Winchester NATO 124gr fmj (more closely mimics power of the +P carry ammo but not quite as hot)
    GECO 124gr fmj
    MEN 124gr fmj
    Blazer Brass 124gr fmj

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    Speer GoldDots for HD and EDC, they shoot and function perfectly out of all my P30's. For practice absolutely everything has also worked in my P30's, from 115 grain, to 124 grain, to 147 grain, never an issue. I don't find the P30's to be ammo sensitive at all.
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    Welcome to the site. Put some +P ammo in it and it will work just fine.
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    My P30 and P30Sk are always loaded with Federal HST 124gr. I’ve heard that gold dots are good too. Might try them at some point, but for now I can only recommend the HSTs.

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    European pistols seem to be more design oriented towards 124 gr than 115 gr. Not that 115 gr won't work, but that things are simply more calibrated for 124 gr, so there are likely be be less drama with 124s.

    For carry, I recommend Speer Gold Dot 124 gr /124 gr +P. Gold Dots seem to be an excellent across-the-board carry recomendation in most calibers.

    For match/practice, I use and recommend Sellier & Bellot 124 gr and American Eagle 124 gr.

    Best, Jon

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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfieRules View Post
    Federal HST or Speer GoldDots, only EDC ammo I use. Never had an issue with either, nor even heard of nickel plated cases not feeding.
    This ^^^

    Zero your sights with your carry ammo. Try to find bulk FMJ as close to the same muzzle velocity as possible as your carry stuff, and make mental note of the POI difference btwn the two... but zero w/ meat ammo.
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    As you can see from my name I reload so I will just say that I can fill a mag w/any combo of different Bullet weights and they all run well thru my H&Ks. If you want to know why I would do that just PM me. I would add my 2 cents to stay away from Steel Case ammo.

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    Nickel-plated is typical on premium SD ammo, for max reliability/longevity.
    YMMV. I use one loading for 9mm SD, 124gr +P HST. I’d rather not use Critical-Def as the nose may get easily deformed (although 9mm does not have much recoil), I use it in my S&W M36/38spl.

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