P2000 .40 Opinions?
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Thread: P2000 .40 Opinions?

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    Hi everyone,

    I bought a HK P2000 .40 S&W last month. This is my first firearm and have been to the range four times and took a firearms class today. The instructor told me that the .40 is the hottest round and I’d be better off with a handgun such as the Glock 19 that shoots 9mm.

    I’m still a beginner and I feel that there is a slight difference in recoil compared to the Glock 19 that I shot today. The Glock 19 had less muzzle flip and I was able to make follow up shots more easily. I noticed that the muzzle flip on the P2000 seemed to be a bit more snappier but much more manageable once I corrected my stance and grip. I also have a TLR-1 on my P2000. I bought a Glock 30sf last week as well.

    I have a few questions:
    - How do you feel about the recoil with a .40 on H&K handguns?
    - Would there be an advantage with going with a VP9 or a Glock 19 over the P2000? Would either of these guns be an upgrade?
    - Can you train to be as good with a .40 compared to 9mm?
    -I have two handguns. The instructor said I should either have two striker fired or two hammer fired to help with muscle memory. I definitely enjoy shooting and want to go to the range often. Is this a good reason to sell either the p2000 or g30sf and get a 9mm?
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    .40S&W is higher pressure, higher velocity round, which inevitably makes it snappier.
    9mm is easier for a beginner, that is true. I have some experience, and I love shooting all three calibers mentioned here - 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP.

    The HKs handle .40 quite well, but the full-size USP or P30L, due to their mass, tame the recoil better. P2000 is smaller, so relative to the bigger brothers, it flips more.
    I have not done comparisons with all guns, but from what I have tried the HKs are amongst the top in handling .40S&W.
    Walther P99 in .40S&W - that flips like crazy due to the excessively high bore axis.

    The Glocks are not bad pistols. Except they have one fatal flaw - the disgusting trigger. <insert puking smiley here>
    If you have a Glock you will have to change internals with aftermarket parts.
    The Glocks are just overhyped and overpriced. Think that Glock is Honda.

    I do not buy the story about the triggers. Shooting both striker and hammer-fired handguns helped me to learn to shoot better.
    Later, when I got a revolver as well, it helped me learn more.

    There is no reason to sell the P2000. It is an excellent gun.
    If you want a decent striker-fired pistol in the same size as Glock 19, take a look at CZ P10-c.

    if you really want 9mm in the P2000, EFK makes conversion barrels for P30 from .40 to 9mm, which will fit in P2000. Currently, they do not have them in stock though.

    if you really want to sell the P2000 (which I personally recommend against), post it here.
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    Did you have range time with the .40, how/why did you pick it?
    It appears you found out the hard way, .40/.45 shooters I know are gun guys. So if anyone/first-timers have to ask, I recommend the 9mm.
    I don’t have a striker, but the trigger is only one of a (safety/decocker/mag-release/capacity) system.

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    I've had a USP Compact 40 since 1996. 40 definitely has more snap than 9mm but I find it satisfying. I've lost a fair amount of intrinsic muscle in my right hand because of ulnar nerve impingement so I've transitioned mostly to 9 because it's easier to shoot but I won't give up the 40. I have traditional double/single and striker fired, and with practice you can certainly transition between them easily. I also have 2 Shadow Systems pistols that are basically Gucci Glock 19s and I love them. Very flat shooting because of the lower bore axis. If you are considering a 19 rent a Gen 5 and I think you'll find it compares favorably with about everything. Bottom line is most modern guns are good and you should be able to gain proficiency with a variety of guns and calibers if you're willing to put in the time.

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    Keep practicing, the .40 is an excellent round regardless of what the internet says today! And God forbid you ever have to use your P2000 in a defensive situation......but if you did I doubt you’d complain about the excessive recoil, you’d never even notice it! You have an excellent pistol, enjoy it!

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    Welcome to shooting, whether it is for home/personal defense, target shooting, plinking, or whatever! I think it is a lot of fun and you have found an excellent forum with lots of great people that are very willing to answer questions and help folks out.

    Personally I would not sell or buy anything else right now...you have two excellent handguns. Spend your time and money (on ammo) on shooting them, getting familiar with them, in short becoming proficient. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction gained from learning how to shoot; throw in learning how to shoot with different types of triggers/actions and it is even better!

    Welcome and enjoy your new sport!

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    Quote Originally Posted by benben View Post
    Keep practicing, the .40 is an excellent round regardless of what the internet says today! And God forbid you ever have to use your P2000 in a defensive situation......but if you did I doubt you’d complain about the excessive recoil, you’d never even notice it! You have an excellent pistol, enjoy it!
    +1!! Could not have said it better.

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    I think you're a victim of instructor who makes money out of promoting Glock.

    My first gun, was Colt 1911 Gov. 45 I learned how to shoot it, never had in mind to replace it with 9mm.

    I have now P2000SK 9mm and it's very soft, but it's slower shooter due to the LEM trigger.

    I just purchased VP9 with hopping to find the happy medium.

    I wouldn't buy 40 just because of the ammo price and availability, nothing else.

    Just practice!

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    I've owned, I believe, every modern HK pistol. I've loved them all, and sold most of them. I think I have 6 or 7 in the safe today. The .40 is my least favorite caliber on the range, more or less regardless of platform. That said, when people used to shoot .40 in gamer guns to make Major, there were a lot of pretty sweet race 1911s running around that were great range guns.

    The P2000 in .40 is undeniably the most practically well rounded, any-situation, concealed carry pistol I own. It handles the .40's pressure and its snap very well. I shoot it a little slower than the P2K9, but not that bad. One round difference... the 40 just has a lot more firepower. Around cars, barriers, thick clothing...and anything... the 40 if much more comfortable for me to carry than the 9mm. It a populated area, or a crowded venue, 40 makes me nervous as it can over penetrate.

    It is an excellent option for defensive handloader. You can get close to low end .357 Sig velocities pretty easily, and find a projectile for any occasion. It also makes an excellent subsonic cartridge; for which use there are 180 and 200gr projes available.

    Most all HKs are tools that were made to fulfill a contracted need. This one is no different--the Feds bought millions(?) of these to meet post 9/11 contracts for Homeland and Border Patrol. It's more about whether your life is a fit for it, rather than is it a fit for you. The thing works. Any now that domestic Glocks have trash barrels, it may be one of the polygonal .40s available to us inferior colonists.

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    To start your shooting experience with a 40S&W (or a 45acp) is not what most people would do, because the recoil is very harsh relative to the 9mm, that most shooters start out with. Nevertheless, I salute you because it sounds like you can handle the recoil of the 40 (which is greater than the 45), and you seem to enjoy it. I wouldn't sell anything you acquired, and just keep learning to shoot your 40 and also learn to shoot your 45. Doing so will make you a better shooter. And if you want a 9mm, I'd get the VP9 because the ergos are so much better. You'll see that shooting the VP9 is a cake-walk.

    You've started a great journey!

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