Convert 94 barrel to MP5K
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Thread: Convert 94 barrel to MP5K

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    Default Convert 94 barrel to MP5K

    Mods: If this is in the wrong area, my apologies, didn't know where else to ask.

    Can a 94 barrel be converted to an MP5K Tri-lug? If so, is it worth it to and from whom? Or would it just be better to just purchase a put your favorite brand here barrel?

    With the conversion, if could be done, I was thinking just a pinned a welded 3 lug adapter on the end, no threads.

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    Mike Woodward at TSC Machine will do it. I've got one he did on my SP5K and it's flawless. I've seen his work inadvertently sold as factory.

    Cannot recommend this enough, do not put an out of spec B&T barrel on your german host.
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    As Freeride said Mike at TSC cuts down the barrels, installs a ring around it for the front sight to go on, etc and makes a navy style barrel out of it. Call him, he'd prob do one with a normal 3 lug if you prefer that although most end up with the threaded type.

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    Mike at TSC converted a 94 barrel to MP5k-N for me and it is beautiful work, you can’t tell it from a factory barrel (other than the current k barrel markings, which I didn’t add). I haven’t done a flute count (14 I think), but you could also likely cut down a barrel from a recent MP5 demil to get the latest (16?) flute count but would need to weigh that against how you feel about a former PD F/A barrel vs a semi-only 94 barrel. B&T barrels weren’t an option when I did my gun so I never evaluated them. Don’t burn too much psychic energy on the decision because friends shooting it never ask about the barrel and the market only cares if it is an original unicorn k barrel or not — there are effectively 2 value tiers not 4 or 8 or whatever. Figure out what will make you happy and do that. The gun is going to be a lot fun regardless of your ultimate barrel choice.

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    One more for Mike at TSC Machine. He cut/converted a HK94 barrel for my SP89. Impeccable work, good turnaround and great communication. He doesn't mind talking on the phone about it either.

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