SP5 what am I missing??
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Thread: SP5 what am I missing??

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    Default SP5 what am I missing??

    Have there been changes to the import/export of the sp5 or is this just another gun scare? Just trying to figure out why two of my lgs had the sp5 in stock 2 weeks ago for $2799, and now I’m seeing them on gb for $4,900??

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    supply and demand peppered with fear of missing out

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    Yeah GB is a joke when it comes to sp5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolvo View Post
    supply and demand peppered with fear of missing out
    Just look on GB.... there used to be 30 - 40 on there at any given time...not so much any more....

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    A lot of guns are in short supply right now, for obvious reasons, but we could also simply be between batches of SP5. Current batch is about sold out and have to wait for the next one to arrive.
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    Just alot more demand than supply. And lots of uneasiness over the coming elections.
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    People are stupid, impatient, don't research their purchases, and have credit cards.

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    I know a couple of people that figure that anytime they 'want something' their money will make it available.

    It will be a funny time when that is no longer the truth, as demand outstrips supply... when no matter how much money you have, you will NOT be able to purchase one.

    That time is coming sooner than you might suspect.

    Good luck. There are no more 'low cost' SP5's for the foreseeable future. Yes there will be a few out there, but if you want it before the election, the chances are high that you WILL PAY through the nose, as it were.

    Good luck. If you are going to purchase one, find it, don't quibble over the price, just drop you $$$'s down and run away with it. And then listen to every one else that is looking ask you 'WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT ONE?' or 'How much did it cost?' the second question will be the harder one to answer.
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    Patience is a virtue.
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    Yeah you gotta wait for the next batch. Here is what HK CS1 said a couple weeks ago:

    "SP5's are just in-between production runs at the moment. The SP5 is certainly here to stay. We would not market them as much as we did for us to just discontinue 6 months later. Also, we update the HKwebshop quite frequently, so just because an item on there is not listed does not mean the SP5 is being discontinued. No updated ETA on when the SP5K's will be in from Germany.


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